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iPhone : I’m not advocating deliberately infecting antivaxxers. Just paying them good money to do useful work and, given their fantasies, accepting that nature is going to take its course. The other possibility is many of them refuse because deep down they absolutely know vaccines work.

iPhone : Fucking antivax knobbery really is getting my back up. Can’t we just pay them stupidly good money to do simple non-medical work with Covid patients while remaining quarantined themselves knowing that the problem is likely to be reduced by 1-2% by the time this is all over?…

iPhone : John B If it’s correct that one can’t libel the dead would it be possible to describe him as a turtle frotting pervert who was incredibly unlucky with internal flights in the United States?

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iPhone : Jeremy Gans And there doesn’t seem to be any chance of this ever being tested in court so there doesn’t seem much point in knowing who it allegedly was, but at the same time people are speculating over people that it definitely wasn’t.

iPhone : Jeremy Gans Don’t envy Morrison right now. He surely knows there’s going to be a certain amount of “I bet it was so-and-so, because [spurious reason]” until people know who it is, so if he stands anyone down now even for unrelated reasons half the country will assume that person’s a rapist.