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Twitter Web App : MJ Hegar is up against the guy the GOP are grooming to take Mitch’s place as party leader.

Follow MJ Hegar & lift her up!

Hegar will work hard for Texas & help break the legislative log jam that keeps the Senate from working to make all American lives better.


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Twitter Web App : Be loyal to your own code of honor first.

Especially when you vote.

Cast your vote for candidates you believe will benefit you, your community & planet (pro tip - you’ve gotta do a little research) & leave popularity contests behind.

#CountryOverParty #VoteHimOut


Twitter Web App : The visual of using attack dogs to retaliate against a Black person peacefully protesting for civil and human rights is shameful.

It is meant to intimidate & invoke fear and it is a dog whistle for white supremacists.

The Navy SEALS should condemn this.…

Twitter Web App : Fun fact:

RUSSIA placed bounties on AMERICAN soldier’s lives.


You ask what action trump and his impotent GOP have taken?


It’s time to move forward.
#PresidentBiden #GoJoe

Twitter Web App : #GoJoe👏🏽#GoJoe👏🏽#GoJoe👏🏽
Them 2?
Ran this sho!
Pretty dam well
Dontcha kno
So He kno
How this gotta go
& he’ll pick a dope Cab
To help get🇺🇸
Outta Hell’s escrow
So look
There! On the horizon!
See it yo?!
Why, It’s a better tomorrow : )
Joe Biden…

Twitter Web App : It may be hard to read, but he’s right: we can’t look away. 🙏🏻💙…

Twitter Web App : Look closely!! Becky with the big buck teeth seems to be sending us a secret coded message with her oddly bug shaped eyes. I’ll happily translate: “ My Big Daddy has lost his damn mind! Run for the hills y’all! I’m being really serious! Run now!!”…

Twitter Web App : If we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, I think it would be fun to see Trump and Obama participate in a televised golf tournament.