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iPhone : Liberal Democrat fight back apparently successful in Minneapolis! #libdemfightback…

iPhone : Martin J Keatings Dr Paul Monaghan So countries are the highest level and regions within countries are NUTS1, such that comparing England to other EU member states wouldn’t be consistent with the methodology.

No desire to argue though, hope you are well and have an excellent weekend!

iPhone : Martin J Keatings Dr Paul Monaghan The reason i say it’s cherry picking is because it’s comparing different data formats. Eg. The Eu tries to enforce similar caparisons of similar areas with various geographical standards, such as the NUTS system. The thick lines are country level and the thin lines are NUTS1.

iPhone : Martin J Keatings Dr Paul Monaghan Not sure which treaties you are talking about but I’m talking about statistical definitions. There are many states within federal countries which are larger and more self governing than uk countries, and state is pretty synonymous with country, so it seems a bit cherry-picking.

iPhone : Martin J Keatings Dr Paul Monaghan According to internationally used definitions, the uk is the country and the “counties” of the uk are regions. Given that this is a question of international comparisons then international definitions should be used, otherwise a quirk of language means comparing apples and pears.

iPhone : The size of a country’s economy is not it’s moral authority, or perceived moral authority in the world.

It should never have been. It shouldn’t be in the future.

iPhone : Re: Flexible Furlough

Do we think businesses—with cashflow problems as it is—will bring someone back from furlough 2 or 3 days a week and pay 20% of their wages+NICs, rather than just bringing them back part-time outside of the scheme and not paying for time they’re not working?

iPhone : Breaking: Dominic Raab tells China that unless it suspends plans for new security laws in Hong Kong, the UK will give greater visa rights to 300,000+ British National (Overseas) passport holders. Current right to 6 mths in Britain without visa would be increased to 12 mths.

iPhone : Guy Miscampbell I think it does teach some very useful skills (although I probably would think that), but it’s participants need to have some interaction with real people and realise what actually makes people tick. Finals Days should be replaced with competitive canvassing!

Twitter Web App : Competitive debating in the UK isn't AS bad as this, but it's still sadly a long way from actual rhetoric and debate.…

iPhone : Benjamin Lewis I’m increasingly feeling like it’s a system that only really works if you get all your tests back in 24 hours, have everyone’s data and can control their activity. Not looking good for the UK then...