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Android : Shivam Yes shd listen to them I knew one boy of 28/30 yrs in quality dept Tier II company. He sorted out problem in correcting components defects even 30yrs serviced petson not able to find out.

Android : Sriram Atleast you have keys in pocket. Mine left at stores. Staff wud rush to me hand over keys but I wud think short paid so he s rushing to collect. Worse s when I narrate to wife entire day gone to hear Geetha Sasahranamam!!!

Android : Supriya Sahu IAS When we were living in Ooty, we go with my freind to their farm land to harvest Carrots. Immediately I used to wash in well water in the land and eat as much as we ate. Tasty. But now only in few places such tasty carrots r available. supermarket portico.

Android : News7 Tamil Arya Court shd not have taken this case. Film released years ago.if they felt degraded, ppls there wud have blocked movie and also gone for protests. Nothing has happened. Everyone in that area saw the film as film. So clearly established no degrading. why case?

Android : Kamal announced next production. Ppls say good-bye for politics. They all living in olden days. At this advanced world of Technologies a person can handle Humpty Dumpty number of jobs. Kamal multi talented.he can handle both politics and Film same time.