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Android : 8/ We need an intellectual dark web to begin with. We need people of the two ideologies to come together and converse. But is that enough? How do you restore balance in a political environment where the two sides are ready with guns and knives to slash the throats of others?

Android : 7/ In India, the conservatives might have a government of their own but they still act as if they are in the opposition. And that is a major drawback. We often talk of political polarization as a problem and then stop. But how do we go about solving it?

Android : 6/ While the other ideology is being blamed, the real culprit- ideological arrogance- is getting away scot-free. The Overton window has been tipped. And to restore that balance, the primary thing is for the two ideologies to have an equal footing.

Android : 5/ Today, there is an increase in conservative governments around the world, but that does not ensure a place for conservatives in public debate. The enemy, of course, is not the left (if that is what you were thinking). It is the unwillingness to listen to each other.

Android : 4/ It might look as if it is diving towards left extremism, but the tide can change any time and haunt the political right (in fact, it might have already begun to).

Android : 3/ Today, for some reason, members of the opposing ideologies cannot stand each other. They don't want to have a conversation. The public debate is shifting to one side and unfortunately it is showing a dive towards extremism.

Android : 2/ In the US, as I have come to understand, polarization has been taking shape for a while now; it has been accelerated by recent tensions (BLM, Antifa, heightened activism, obsessive political correctness, etc.). I presume other countries are also facing a similar adversary.

Android : 1/ I have been toying with the trend of political polarization for a while now. All parts of the world are suffering from it. During the Delhi riots in 2020, when two religions fought each other tirelessly over a law passed by the government, polarization peaked in India.

Android : Bhakts are going after this with hammer and tongs. But look at how this little incident brings about the best in Nehru’s leadership.
1. He had excellent taste in smoking and also was careful about not overdoing the vice. Just one cigarette. Not more than that. No overdoing stuff…

Android : आपल्या सांगितिक प्रतिभेच्या अप्रतिम अविष्कारातून साकारलेले हे गीत म्हणजे आधुनिक मराठी संस्कृतीचा अमुल्य ठेवा होय, Kaushal S Inamdar| कौशल इनामदार जी ! अभिनंदन आणि धन्यवाद!…

Android : मराठी अभिमानगीताचं लोकार्पण होऊन आज ११ वर्षं झाली. तरी आजही या गाण्याबद्दलची ओढ, उत्सुकता वाढतच आहे असा मला अनुभव येतो. त्या निमित्ताने Mumbai Takच्या प्रेक्षकांशी मारलेल्या गप्पा. धन्यवाद ajay parchure

Android : Wonder how many England fans blame their green top pitches, nasty weather conditions... call it a disgrace for test cricket, etc... when their team wins convincingly at home in 3 days?

I am seeing some Indian cricket fans blaming the pitch... 🤔

Android : Don’t blame the pitch. It was just lousy batting, and disrespect for the role conditions play in Test cricket that finished this match in just over 5 sessions. The less worse batting side won. This lack of commitment will kill Test cricket, not pitches.