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Bio Labour MP for Poplar & Limehouse | Education Committee | For casework and enquiries, please email at apsana.begum.mp@parliament.uk
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iPhone : Coronavirus means we can’t celebrate Pride Month in the way we usually would, standing shoulder to shoulder as a community and marching in pride. But we want all LGBT+ people to know that we’re with you, this month and every month 🏳️‍🌈
#PrideMonth2020 #Pride2020

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Twitter Web App : Labours three-point plan to make test, track and trace work.

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iPhone : The Tory Government is punishing Londoners for doing the right thing on Covid-19 by staying at home.

They’re increasing TfL fares and removing free travel for under 18s.

We need to stop them - sign this ✍️

iPhone : It doesn’t take a prosecutor to see that what that police officer did to George Floyd was not third-degree murder — it was chilling, cold-blooded, and intentional.

iPhone : “I can’t breathe” George Floyd’s last words. These were also the words last spoken by Eric Garner, another unarmed African-American murdered by the police. Here in the UK we too have no immunity from this type of state sanctioned racism #BlackLivesMatter tribunemag.co.uk/2020/05/its-ti…

iPhone : British society post #coronavirus is a potential tinder box. All the issues that led to the disturbances in the U.S. about the death of George Floyd exist here #blacklivesmatter

iPhone : “We grew up in a traumatic police state, so I am familiar with this type of situation,” Ruhel Islam of the Gandhi Mahal restaurant in Minneapolis said. “We can rebuild a building, but we cannot rebuild a human.”

iPhone : I am looking for a Caseworker to join my Parliamentary team. Please do see hivesupport.co.uk/recruitment/ for details on how to apply and share with anyone you think might be suitable👇🏾

iPhone : Professor Peter Hornby, member of SAGE, coming to the same conclusion of independent SAGE, who conclude, in their latest report on school openings that delaying school opening by two weeks would halve the chance of a child being infected, and of infecting others.

iPhone : Professor Peter Hornby, member of SAGE said this morning that there does not need to be a long delay - no longer than 2 to 3 weeks, to enable a safer exit from lockdown with a test, trace and isolate system working properly.

iPhone : Another SAGE committee member, Professor Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Welcome Trust, has said that COVID 19 is spreading too fast to lift the lockdown in England and that test, trace and isolate has to fully working and capable of dealing with any surge immediately.

iPhone : Professor John Edmunds, member of SAGE committee; ‘I think at the moment, with relatively high incidence and relaxing the measures and also with an untested track and trace system, I think we are taking some risk here’. (Relaxing the lockdown measures)

iPhone : Professor John Edwards, of Govt’s SAGE committee, says: ‘We cannot relax our guard by very much at all’ referring to the UK’s 5th highest levels of incidence of infections in the world - 8 thousand new infections a day in England not counting care homes and hospitals.

iPhone : In normal times, this really would be a resignation matter. I know, we are not in normal times... twitter.com/GraemeDemianyk…

iPhone : Bizarre how little attention Robert Jenrick's actually unlawful decision on a housing deal, which saved Richard Desmond millions, has received - almost certainly because of the Cummings drama. Labour now calling for an investigation huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/robert-j…