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Bio Plymouth Argyle, proud Royal Navy veteran, #Labour member, i despise the tories.. I love James Bond, football, boxing, women, beer and pugs πŸ»πŸ’šβš½οΈπŸ₯Š
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Android : Tomorrow's Daily Mirror has a photo on it's front page of Stanley Johnson entering a shop without a mask, this is the same individual who like Cummings broke lockdown rules on travelling, i look forward to Johnson's father receiving a Β£10,000 fine, they're laughing at us.

Android : Priti Patel wants to ship asylum seekers to Ascension Island, her parents fled the Idi Amin regime in Uganda, how would she feel if they'd been sent there, the inhumanity of this present tory govt on every level makes the Thatcher years look like a golden era of compassion.

Android : Lindsay Hoyle is the weakest Speaker of the House of Commons in living memory, week after week Johnson and his ministers (especially Gove) lie, lie and lie again and Mr Hoyle knows they're lying, yet he says nothing, the tories can't believe their luck #PMQs

Android : What an absolute disgrace Donald Trump was in #PresidentialDebate2020 he didn't even condemn white supremacism, which is rampant in the land of the free, dog whistling at it's worst, this remember is the man Johnson models himself on, the people of the USA/UK deserve better.

Android : They're not happy with making us weaker and poorer, they've voted to not just break the law, but to also compromise the Good Friday Agreement, was that on the side of a fucking bus Conservatives ? Your treachery won't be forgotten.

Android : 340 spineless, cowardly, craven, law breaking bastards have voted to pass the #InternalMarketBill tonight, they're more loyal to their rotten party than to our country, they've turned us into a rogue state, not to be trusted, Conservatives your days in office are numbered.

Android : Any cowardly, craven MP who thinks Abstaining on a bill that breaks the law, is as guilty as the people who proposed breaking International Law, they have no place in Parliament and should give up their seat, no honour or integrity #InternalMarketBill

Android : Peace in Northern Ireland is at stake, a #NoDealBrexit will shatter the Good Friday Agreement, yet incredibly Simon Hoare MP chairman of the NI select committee is Abstaining on the #InternalMarketBill this bill breaks the law, he knows it, but his job comes before integrity.

Android : If any journalist who works for #bbcnews wants to see how a real journalist asks questions of Cabinet Ministers watch Jon Snow on #C4News interviewing Matt Hancock, he didn't just hold him to account, he monstered him, proper journalism, i suggest you study it Laura Kuenssberg

Android : I've been told by somebody who knows that the higher echelons within the Conservative party know #Brexit is going to be a disaster, they know it will weaken us and make poorer, they also know and fear a #NoDealBrexit will destroy them and their electability, that comforts me.