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iPhone : Understanding how to color is easy, Its not that hard.
The colors:

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iPhone : ene @ working on comms both are sad since thinking youโ€™ve done nothing wrong but end up noticing and remembering every possible way you messed up just destroys you, meanwhile faking it is also painful all of the memories heโ€™s written he remembers and only shows to pretend to remember the good stuff

iPhone : jo || comms open 1/3 Oh? So philza had an affair with mumza to get Tommy? Or was it like a sacrifice? Also dream dumping tubbo in philzas family because he canโ€™t take care of him? Skewiwuwj sorry Iโ€™m just really curious and interested in the AU

iPhone : jo || comms open 1/3 Black haired philza isnt real he canโ€™t hurt you

Blackhaired philza:
Anyways I really love your AU!!! Also why is Tommy half mortal yet the others arenโ€™t? Is it just a transformation thing or a genetic thing?