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Android : Nobody stop northern women from advocating the right thing. Since the beginning of time, women and men in the north are working to end this menace.
What you referred as Northern women are but hijackers, feminist and propagandists — duplicating western paradigm in a wrong context.…

Android : Late Alhaji Ado Bayero had a good command of English; but he chosed not to use it when he assumed duty as 13th emir of Kano, especially when hosting european visitors

That was in order to protect & preserve cultural heritage of Kano Emirate & historical importance of Hausa Lang.

Android : george floyd was not resisting arrest. this video got taken down, please spread it

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Android : We have this narrow mindset that love or romance has to be performed openly for it to be true. It’s as though we seek public validation. Our culture isn’t openly affectionate, but that African parents rarely say “I love you” doesn’t make them less caring than parents in the West.

Android : Someone should tell Dino to do it for Arewa today. Kogi, stand up. Let’s get their blood pressure higher. 😂…

Android : That “the northerners are not naturally built with intelligence for business without access to government funds,” must be your malaria manifesting. Dantata was trading in groundnuts and kola nuts when Nigeria had no oil, and became the richest man in West Africa. Read your books.…

Android : Apoti Eri Ada~Beke💦🌺✨ I have been married for over 20 years and in my life my Mommy comes first, I am second, my children are third and wife is Fourth and there has never been a threat of Divorce. We live happily thereafter. No one, I mean NO ONE MUST Even dream of comparing himself or herself to Mom.

Android : Most of the countries lifting the Lockdown restrictions are not doing so because the virus has been literally defeated,but because the economy is crumbling & people & businesses are becoming bankrupted.This experience elevated livelihoods to thesame level of importance as life.

Android : He thinks he’s the Arewa National Defender when in real life he’s just a jerk doing jumping jacks on every tweet he finds controversial.He’s obvious Ass-licker.His tweets contradicts his credibility and it shows how true people are about his e-Rat activities.error. must see.