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iPhone : “Persephone of the Crows” by Karen Joy Fowler is a nearly perfectly constructed/crafted nugget of a tale in terms of voice, tone, structure, and premise. Asimovs SF… …

Hootsuite Inc. : In Felicity Shoulders's newest tale "Somebody's Child" (, childbearing and rearing is recognized as the hard work it is, and mothers can volunteer to be "kangaroos." Read the backstory straight from Felicity in our newest blog post:

iPhone : I had a great, wide-ranging conversation with Gareth Jelley at the Intrmultivrsal podcast, about writing process, life, AI, ethics, and my 2020 Asimovs SF novella "Tool Use by the Humans of Danzhai County." Check it out!…

iPhone : Latest read: "Glitch" by Alex Irvine from the March/April 2021 Asimovs SF . A man killed in a terrorist attack gets a new lease on life only to be haunted by a monstrous echo taking shape in his mind. Thrilling concept, beautifully executed.

Hootsuite Inc. : Freeze, she commanded. But the dream kept on going. Curiouser and curiouser. She tried to change the toothbird’s color, the smell of the sea, the number of eggs. Nothing.

—“Dream Atlas” by Michael Swanwick, in our current issue!

Hootsuite Inc. : “That bootleg had propagated across the ’net faster than any audio recording in history, propelled by the story of the robot, the mine, the accident, and what happened after.”

Get the “Sentient Being Blues” with Christopher Mark Rose. In our March/April issue!

Hootsuite Inc. : #FBF 43 years to this fantastic cover by Paul Alexander featuring a superstar lineup!

Hootsuite Inc. : But in no story was descending beneath the world wise. Noble and swarmer alike were blind, starving, and dangerously near the ocean in the underworld. And every legend placed monsters in the dark.

—“Flowers Like Needles” by Derek Künsken, on sale now!

iPhone : Wonderful news! Very pleased to announce that my story Muallim has been accepted for publication by Asimovs SF What a great way to end this week! I cant wait to see this story out in the world!

Hootsuite Inc. : According to your future email, I’m supposed to tell you to pack a go bag, so here I am telling you to do that stat. Make sure to put extra layers and external batteries along with your toothbrush.

A. T. Greenblatts epistolary Re: Bubble 476.

Hootsuite Inc. : Willow fought her own panic; this could be the kind of disaster that would bring serious trouble. She had to grab her arm and get out of there. The rangers were hunting for Grandma.

—“Grandma 5+°C” by James Patrick Kelly, on sale now!

Hootsuite Inc. : What is a "lifebox"? How close are humans to tech telepathy? How is Rudy Rucker similar to Donald Duck? All this & more in our newest Q&A with Rudy Rucker! Don't miss his story "Mary Mary" on sale ( now:

iPhone : I am delitghted to get a reprint request from the excellent XB-1 for my story "Goner", which originally appeared in Asimov's in 2017. This will be my fourth translation to Czech for XB-1. And my ninth story for Asimovs SF is coming out this year!

Hootsuite Inc. : The town was holding its breath.

Everywhere there were signs of the scourge. Many trees had yellowing leaves even at midsummer; some had no leaves at all.

—“Mrs. Piper Between the Sea and the Sky” by Kali Wallace, in our March/April issue