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Twitter Web App : Russia rejects US allegations of election interference

Twitter Web App : The recent #Sandworm indictments & presser last night prove Director Wray point: Russia is a chief antagonist online. But other states like #Iran seek to influence us through similar means. Watch his full conversation w/ Lester Holt @ #AspenSecurity:

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Twitter Web App : As U.S. officials reveal troubling #ElectionInterference by #Iran and #Russia, we recall our conversation with Laura Rosenberger. Watch her full conversation with CeciliaKang and Renee DiResta:

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Twitter Web App : #Election2020 WATCH: US intel + federal law enforcement call out Russia + Iran over election interference as Senior Administration official tells CBS News FBI Director Wray could exit immediately after November 3rd CBS This Morning

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Twitter Web App : What’s the difference between cyber warfare, #disinformation, and #cybercrime? We’re reflecting on this evergreen guide to cyberwar by Andy Greenberg after Justice Department's indictment of six #Russian hackers working for the elite #Sandworm digital group.…

Twitter Web App : States that have avoided the first wave are now suffering a spike in #COVID19-related cases. Many countries in Central & Eastern Europe, such as #Poland & the #CzechRepublic, now have some of the highest infection rates in the world. From Adam Taylor:…

Twitter Web App : The move by Sweden to ban #Huawei and ZTE strains already tense relations between Sweden and #China, exacerbated by the detainment of Gui Minhai, a #Swedish citizen, in 2015. Stuart Lau reports:…

Twitter Web App : In discussion with former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, Robert C. OBrien discussed U.S. drawdown of troops in the #MiddleEast. Watch the full conversation:

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Twitter Web App : As author of #ThePerfectWeapon, David Sanger teamed up with filmmaker John Maggio to create the new documentary now streaming on HBO. Get special access and join us on 10/23 to learn how #cyberspace has become the battleground of today. Register here: