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Bio NASA Astronaut and U.S. Navy SEAL currently living aboard the International @Space_Station.
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Twitter Media Studio : From 250 miles above the Earth, Expedition 63 is aware of the hard times that exist in the neighborhoods of the world rotating below. Even amid the uncertainty & difficulties, we encourage everyone to be the best “crewmates” & take care of each other. Cherish the people you love.

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Twitter Web App : More than four years ago I traveled to Indianapolis to speak to group about how Intl. Space Station research could improve their consumer products here on Earth. This week, I got to conduct an experiment that happened because of that trip!

Twitter Web App : I gave it all up for science today. Blood, saliva, number 1, and number 2.

The samples were for the Food Physiology study which is looking at how our diet affects our immune function and gut microbiome in space.

Twitter Web App : Thanks Mike and Peggy! What an honor to be part of this small group.…

Twitter Web App : As with anything in life it always great to have wonderful mentors, and EVA is no exception. Many thanks to former astronauts Joe Tanner & Dave Wolf for helping me learn the trade. It’s hard for me to believe Bob Behnken & I have joined Peggy Whitson & Michael L-A with 10 EVAs.

Twitter Web App : We can clearly see Tropical Storm Eight getting organized in the Gulf of Mexico.

#TropicalStorm #TropicalDepressionEight #GulfOfMexico

Twitter Media Studio : Much gratitude to those #heroes around the world who are battling on the frontlines of the pandemic. Your selflessness will be forever appreciated. #thankyou

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Twitter Web App : .Bob Behnken and I are ready for tomorrow's #spacewalk! Tune in to watch live beginning at 6:35 am CT/7:35 am ET:…

Twitter Web App : Hello to all of my friends in Rio de Janeiro! So great to fly over your beautiful city and country. Stay safe and please take care of yourselves and each other!

#brazil #rio #riodejaneiro #lucianohuck

Twitter Web App : While Dragon was breathing fire, Anatoly, Ivan Vagner & I were busy trying to capture photos of NASAs Kennedy Space Center & the launch. You could feel the excitement in all three of us knowing that rocket was zipping up hill to meet us the next day. Honored to be part of this historic event!…

Twitter Media Studio : The only thing cooler than living on Intl. Space Station is getting the chance to work outside of it! I’m lucky to have had several opportunities to go outside for a #spacewalk to help assemble and maintain the Station over the years. Two more planned for next week! #SpaceStation20th

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Twitter Web App : Amazing view of the water flowing into Argentina’s San Jose Gulf from the San Matias Gulf. Seeing movement in large bodies of water is one of my favorite things to observe from Intl. Space Station.

#Argentina #SanJoseGulf #SanMatiasGulf

Twitter Web App : Wow this is a first peace and love from outer space I sent you right back peace and love thank you. 😎✌️🌟❤️🎶🎵🍒🦏☮️

Twitter Web App : From 260 miles above our home planet, Chris Cassidy wishes @RingoStarrMusic a happy 80th birthday! Since the space station operates in Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT, it’s officially July 7 – a perfect date to send #PeaceAndLove to everyone across the universe! ✌☮️✌️❤️

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