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Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Two F15 jets were scrambled from #RAFLuton early this morning (10.14am) to intercept a Russian B52 Teddybear bomber heading up the river Avon near Chippenham. #AvGeek

Twitter Web App : Fact of the Day: Super Boat Soldier (SAS but boat) Snipers spend over 3hrs learning how to blend into their surroundings and become invisible to the enemy.

Can you spot the sniper in this photo (taken from a Canberra) in under 5 seconds?

Twitter Web App : Reminded of pile on I experienced back in May when I mentioned my covid ward running mate wasn’t worried about relaxing rules to allow people to meet outside & a certain radio host implied he didn’t exist because I didn’t want to ask him to go on talk radio to talk about it.

Twitter Web App : Wonderfully silly

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Twitter Web App : Basically George Lucas was over here, chanced upon a Green Cross Code advert while watching Bless This House, and thought right, well have him, and that little robots just given me an idea..

Twitter Web App : A happy ending that we need #biden #trump

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Twitter Web App : This is a reply by Amnesty International to a complaint about their recent activity, including calling women womxn and saying political representation should be removed from women if they dont believe in gender ideology: There is no such thing as a biologically female body

Twitter Web App : On this day in 1975, terrorists murdered Ross McWhirter, co-founder of the Guiness Book of Records. McWhirter was shot at close range in the head and chest outside his home.


Twitter Web App : Shocked at how badly Borus Johnson and Rishi Sunak are doing in this poll. It just proves how unpopular the Government are. Imagine if Jeremy was still leader! He would walk into 10 Downing Street.…

Twitter Web App : Organisations turn to management consultants when they have lost confidence in their own vision.…

Twitter Web App : There’s something quite zombie-apocalypse about wandering through a mostly-shuttered, mostly-deserted shopping centre, while the music system plays β€œIt’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.”

Twitter Web App : Now comparing the Corbynism to the revolution in Chile...πŸ™„