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Twitter Web App : Illinois DCFS turned a blind eye on poor #RicaRountree, despite her mother's pleas for an investigation. Please join me in supporting Ann in pursuit for #JusticeForRica. We must make sure what happened to Rica doesn't happen to other children!! Donate:…

Twitter Web App : If you’re near Greenville, NC, join the fight to end racial profiling and attend Ednittas march in-person:

Twitter Web App : Stand with me & Ednitta Wright against RACIAL PROFILING — sign the pledge now!! ✊🏾 Ednitta experienced BLATANT DISCRIMINATION when a hotel employee demanded proof of stay & called police while Ednitta was at the hotel pool w/ her kids. Enough is enough!!

iPhone : If IllinoisDCFS had acted QUICKLY, Rica could be safe with her mother right now… Please join me in helping Rica's mother during such a difficult time and consider donating to her GoFundMe. She needs our help! #RicaRountree…

iPhone : Cynthia Baker: ”I love u too but dam I really hate your f***** daughter. If she was my daughter I would strangle her.” As a father, how could you let someone talk about YOUR OWN child like that? Sweet, little Rica should’ve been removed from that TOXIC, ABUSIVE home immediately!!

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Sprout Social : #SAYTHEIRNAMES ✊🏾 Thank you Resko Stewart, Whitney Holbourn & Andrew Norris for this powerful tribute honoring souls taken too soon. Let the world know that THEIR LIVES MATTER! 📸 by Andrew Bonanza #BreonnaTaylor #SandraBland #ElijahMcClain #DavidMcAtee #AhmaudArbery #GeorgeFloyd

iPhone : We need to demand justice!! If you know anything about this shooting, please call Crime Stoppers: 800-577-TIPS. NYPD is offering up to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest. (2/2)

iPhone : So devastating... This is so hard to watch, but we must find who killed 29yo Anthony Robinson, who was crossing a Bronx st w/ his 6yo daughter on Sunday. Anthony was a father of 2. I cant even imagine how that poor little girl and the rest of his family are feeling... (1/2)

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Sprout Social : It’s clear IllinoisDCFS failed not only #RicaRountree and her mother, but so many other children… These innocent kids deserve better!! Their lives MATTER. Serious changes need to take place for DCFS to truly help and protect the ones who need it most: OUR CHILDREN

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Sprout Social : William Wilson was harassed, told “your lives don’t matter” & nearly driven off the highway by a group of white men. He was fearing for HIS LIFE. When Black men act in SELF-DEFENSE, why are they the ones who get arrested? THIS is why we need change!!

Sprout Social : UPDATE: Audio of #KennyWalker and Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly clearly reveal that there has been a CONSPIRACY to cover up #BreonnaTaylor’s killing since day one!! ALL the officers involved need to be FIRED and CHARGED with murder. Listen to the recordings:

Sprout Social : #ByronWilliams was handcuffed on the ground with a LVMPD officer’s knee on his back & died later after telling officers, “I can’t breathe.” Why did they stop him? For riding a BICYCLE at night without a SAFETY LIGHT! We demand immediate immediate release of all bodycam footage!

Sprout Social : We can’t even walk in a neighborhood without being harassed… REMEMBER: If you are witnessing hate crime or racial harassment/violence, FILM IT. We must work together to fight against the evils of racism!! #LivingWhileBlack More details:

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iPhone : Lawsuit: Police raided Breonna Taylor's home without cause - Los Angeles Times #Breonnataylor #BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName…

iPhone : Breonna Taylor: Warrant in fatal encounter was linked to gentrification plan, family's lawyers claim - CNN #Breonnataylor #SayHerName #BlackLivesMatter…

Twitter Web App : UPDATE: Connecticut police issued arrests warrants for Philip Sarner and Emily Orbay after they violently attacked innocent hotel worker Chrystal Caldwell. Ms. Caldwell, I hope you get the justice you so rightly deserve 🙏🏾 More details:…

Twitter Web App : More details on what happened to James Garcia.

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Twitter Web App : James Garcia was killed by Phoenix PD on July 4th!! For Americans to trust the police, we need FULL TRANSPARENCY. Phoenix PD should release all body cam footage from this incident ASAP. His family and the community demand JUSTICE and ACCOUNTABILITY.

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iPhone : #SayHerName: #BreonnaTaylor was killed OVER THREE MONTHS ago and the officers who murdered her still walk free. So were hosting a special program tonight to continue our demand for justice and keep the pressure on.

Join us live at 7 PM ET:

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Sprout Social : We are making HISTORY!! As shocking & saddening as his death was, #GeorgeFloyd is a symbol for CHANGE. Our calls for justice are slowly but surely changing the world around us — esp. in terms of racial injustice & policing. We must not let up!! #SayHisName…