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Twitter Web App : The poem Todesfuge (Death Fugue) written by a Holocaust survivor Paul Celan born #OTD 100 years ago.

More about the poem:

Twitter Web App : For those that haven’t been there it’s a strange and moving place to visit. This is excellent material.…

Twitter Web App : The decree of Governor General Hans Frank signed on 23 November 1939 stated that Jews must wear a white armband with a blue Star of David starting from 1 December 1939. Jews had to make or pay for the armbands. Heavy penalties for those caught not wearing it were announced.…

Twitter Web App : 23 November 1928 | Dutch Jewish boy David Jacob Gokkes was born in Amsterdam.

In February 1943 he was deported to #Auschwitz. He did not survive.

Twitter Web App : The selection took place at the so-called Alte Judenrampe located between Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau. See this place in our virtual visit:,3105,en.…

Twitter Web App : 23 November 1943 | A transport of 1,200 Jews deported from Drancy in German-occupied #France arrived at #Auschwitz. SS doctors selected 241 men & 45 women to be registered. The remaining 914 were murdered immediately in gas chambers.

9-years-old Francis Levin was among them.

Twitter Web App : 23 November 1910 | Polish Jew Moszek Hepner was born in Żelechów. A worker.

In #Auschwitz from 16 January 1942.
No. 25747
He perished in the camp on 16 March 1942.

Twitter Web App : 23 November 1888 | Czech Jew Rudolf Zelenka was born in Kutná Hora.

He was deported to #Auschwitz from #Theresienstadt ghetto on 28 October 1944. He did not survive.

Twitter Web App : 23 November 1919 | Pole Roman Kuryło was born in Bełżec. A farmer.

In #Auschwitz from 30 August 1940.
No. 3518
He perished in the camp on 19 March 1942.

iPhone : A young life, taken. Every day, another face of those murdered by Nazi Germany in Auschwitz.
Auschwitz Memorial’s account is a critical contribution to ensuring the memory of the victims and the crimes of the perpetrators are never forgotten. If you don’t follow it, you should.…

Twitter Web App : 23 November 1906 | Tikhon Novikov was born. A Soviet army soldier.

In #Auschwitz from October 1941.
No. R-6634 (Soviet prisoner of war)
He perished in the camp on 23 January 1942.

Twitter Web App : 23 November 1937 | Dutch Jewish boy Siegfried Robert Spanjaard was born in The Hague.

In October 1942 he was deported to #Auschwitz and murdered in a gas chamber after the selection.

iPhone : For my entire life Auschwitz-where family members perished- seemed like a break in the fabric of history. It was not. Today we are reminded constantly that the seeds of man’s inhumanity are everywhere, ready for the right moment to grow and break through the surface.…

Twitter Web App : 23 November 1891 | Czech Franz Hofman was born in Plzen. An editor.

In #Auschwitz from 29 April 1942.
No. 33282
He perished in the camp on 23 May 1942.