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iPhone : 17 January 1945 | SS physician Josef Mengele liquidated his laboratory at the BIIf section of #Auschwitz II-Birkenau. During the evacuation he took with him the entire documentation of his experiments made on prisoners: twins, dwarfs, and people with disabilities.

Twitter Web App : 17 January 1895 | Polish Jew Abel Chojna was born in Pińczów. A worker.

In #Auschwitz from 11 December 1941.
No. 24105
He perished in the camp on 15 December 1941.

iPhone : 17 January 1933 | French Jewish girl Rosa Lisoprawski was born in Paris.

She arrived at #Auschwitz on 22 January 1944 in a transport of 1,115 Jews deported from Drancy. She was murdered after selection in the gas chamber.

Twitter Web App : 17 January 1913 | Hungarian Jewish woman Olga Kertesz was born in Pely.

In June 1944 she was deported to #Auschwitz and murdered in a gas chamber.

iPhone : At the last roll-call in the history of the German #Auschwitz camp which took place on 17 January 1945, the overall number of prisoners within the entire system of Auschwitz camps and subcamps was 67,012: 48,340 men & 18,672 women.

iPhone : 17 January 1945 | The final evacuation of #Auschwitz began. Between Jan 17-21, the Germans marched around 56 thousand prisoners out of the Auschwitz system and its sub-camps in evacuation columns. Prisoners were forced to march dozens of kilometers in severe winter conditions.

Twitter Web App : 17 January 1899 | Pole August Wojtusiak was born in Pława. A train conductor.

In #Auschwitz from 16 October 1941.
No. 21773
He perished in the camp on 25 March 1942.

Twitter Web App : Each year, on 17 January, we honour the memory of Raoul Wallenberg. His moral courage will be remembered forever. Like Raoul, you can make a difference through your engagement and actions. Join us in lighting a candle today for Raoul, his humanitarian deeds and human solidarity!

Twitter Web App : In 1946, Zelik returned to Belgium for his children. He took Fanny and Abraham back to Venezuela with him. Rosette, Jeanine and Lilia remained in Belgium until 1949, when they immigrated to Venezuela.

Twitter Web App : The Poler children were reunited and lived in Jewish orphanages in Antwerp and Brussels. They resumed contact with their paternal grandparents. Salomea’s eight sisters, and presumably their families, all perished in the Holocaust.

Twitter Web App : Before the 76th anniversary of the liberation of #Auschwitz we bring together the most important facts about the last stage of the operation of this German Nazi camp. See the rest of this [THREAD] below. 1/11 #Auschwitz76

Twitter Web App : She was arrested and sent to Mechelen / Malines transit camp. On 26 September 1942, Salomea was deported to Auschwitz. She was murdered in a gas chamber after selection.

Her children survived in hiding.

Twitter Web App : When the Germans began rounding up Jews, Salomea brought her children to the convent. She could visit them occasionally, but it became too dangerous & the nuns decided to stop letting her in. Salomea climbed up a ladder and scaled the roof to get inside, but she was caught.

Twitter Web App : A nearby Convent of les Soeurs du Saint Saveur provided aid to impoverished people in the area. When Lilia became ill, the nuns visited and brought her medicine and a doll. They offered to hide Lilia in the convent. Salomea agreed, but only if they would hide all of her children.

Twitter Web App : Salomea was married to Zelik. They had five children: Fanny, Rosette, Abraham, Jeannine and Lila.

Zelik left for Venezuela. He did not contact Salomea again. Salomea worked as a seamstress to support her children, but struggled financially.

Twitter Web App : 17 January 1920 | Pole Stanisław Radzki was born in Warsaw. A clerk.

In #Auschwitz from 22 September 1940.
No. 4848
He perished in the camp on 6 September 1942.

Twitter for iPad : #OTD in 1945, Nazi officials ordered that Auschwitz and its subcamps be evacuated before the approaching Soviet army arrived. Friends Magda Hellinger and Bela Blau were sent on separate death marches—unsure if they would ever see each other again.

Twitter Web App : 17 January 1908 | Polish Jewish woman Salomea Poler (née Fejnman) was born in Warsaw. During the war she lived in Brussels.

She arrived at #Auschwitz on 28 September 1942 in a transport of 1,742 Jews deported from Malines / Mechelen. She was murdered in a gas chamber.

Twitter Web App : European Jewish Congress Read about final days of #Auschwitz, evacuation, liberation on 27 January 1945 and the fate of ca. 7,000 liberated prisoners in our online lesson full of historical information, photos and testimonies of survivors:…