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Twitter Web App : The black man riding the horse in the #ChicagoProtests DID NOT steal the horse from the police. He is an equestrian & he owns that horse. He’s well known around Chicago. Y’all took one look at that man & his animal and assumed he was a criminal.

And THAT is the fucking problem.

Twitter Web App : In NYC today, protesters peacefully took a knee against racial injustice and lives lost because of police brutality.
Dear MAGAt nation: does this look like a riot to you?? #BlackLivesMatter #protests #riots2020

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Twitter Web App : So here’s what happened today. The NYPD arrested me at 96th Street and West Side Highway while I was taking photos and video to post to Twitter. I told the police I was with the Press, they walked by me and then turned around and arrested me.

Twitter Web App : Protestors say a prayer as curfew falls outside the Minneapolis police fifth precinct #GeorgeFloydprotest #Minneapolis

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Twitter Web App : It appears the state of Georgia, or someone with access to uniforms and guns, has deployed child soldiers to confront protestors in Atlanta.

This is child abuse.

Whoever is responsible must be held to account.

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Twitter Web App : Voi ridete. Questo un giorno potrebbe essere Ministro. Vi dirΓ² di piΓΉ: CI SONO GIΓ€ in Parlamento e in Europa, dei parlamentari cosΓ¬. twitter.com/agenziavista/s…

Twitter Web App : How come every cop is outfitted like an Avenger but health care professionals are out there fighting COVID wearing barrels on suspenders

Twitter Web App : πŸ™πŸΎ #adottate πŸ™πŸΎ twitter.com/MunaronLuisell…

Twitter Web App : Glad I y’all witnessed this. Esp the video of them actually targeting us. He didn’t try to ricochet the bullets of the ground - one tactic - he pointed the gun DIRECTLY AT ME. I actually got hit 7 times with rubber bullets and many with batons. My boy has stitches. #DEFUNDPOLICE twitter.com/deadline/statu…

Twitter Web App : Colorado. At the Capitol. Laying face down. Chanting #icantbreathe.

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Twitter Web App : I want to be absolutely clear that this protest was peaceful until the cops fired tear gas into the crowd. #Seattle #GeorgeFloyd

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Twitter Web App : These are NOT supporters of the protesters. These are likely local proTrump armed militia agent provocateurs. The Aimpoint T1 optic on the AR15 is $750 alone. Only super gun geeks buy those. #RejectArmedPeople twitter.com/ksl_alexcabrer…

Twitter Web App : #Deforestation, #oil spills, and #coronavirus: Crises converge in the #Amazon

β€œ...Not only are they facing a public health threat, but they are also facing increasing #environmental threats at the same time.”
Profit over people MUST stop.

Twitter Web App : Here's my reconsideration of what truly motivates Trump -- and why he is a far greater danger than we've recognized.


Twitter Web App : Can anyone think of a single time Trump didn’t make a bad situation worse?

The man is lighter fluid on our nation’s fires.