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Android : the first year of quarantine was hard but now that the parts of me that felt things are all dead I think we are headed into some real smooth sailing

Android : The alternate ending to Titanic is hilarious. This would have absolutely ruined the film for me

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Android : On Simian at the Cinema Being a broke high schooler before streaming was part of how I got into film. If my local library didn't have a movie, I had to buy it if I wanted to see it. I watched them again and again with and without the commentary and the special features.

Android : Calling the media that we watch, read, listen to, or play "content" is like reducing the entire spectrum of what we consume by eating or drinking to "fuel." Strips it of even the notion that it could be special or edifying or valuable beyond filling a set amount of time.…

Android : Cops playing copyrighted music while they harass people is dystopic as fuck - they know that licensing laws and content ID will help curtail the spreading evidence of their corruption because the law so swiftly protects a corporations right to profit.