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Android : Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. We remember those whose lives were taken in the holocaust & other genocides. We stand united against racism and xenophobia.
🕯#holocaustmemorialday #HMD21 #lightthedarkness

Android : Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. We at BARAC UK remember all of those whose lives were taken and stand united against all forms of racism and xenophobia.
🕯#holocaustmemorialday #HMD21 #lightthedarkness

Android : Powerful voices speaking against the use of immigration detention and the inhumanity of indefinite detention BID event. Detention impacts whole communities and especially those already most affected by covid-19.

Android : (3) Most people arrive to the UK as children but are judged by a previous conviction. Some deportations include children and adults who have not been convicted of any crime."
#enddeportationnow #Windrush

Android : (2) If you've been convicted of a crime your journey to the deportation plane is different to if you haven't. You can be violently woken, or told without warning you are being deported to a country you don't know because you've never lived in it.

Android : (1) #RiskyBusiness BID BARAC
> "Being detained is far worse than being in prison. In detention, you don't know how long you are going to be there, you don't know when you will be deported.

Android : In light of the DVLA’s continued refusal to drastically reduce the numbers continuing to work at sites experiencing the UK’s biggest workplace Covid-19 outbreak, we are holding a members’ Zoom meeting at 7pm on Thursday (28).

Android : “With a prison sentence, you can count down the days until it is over. With detention, you can only count up, as you don’t know when it will end.”

Heartbreaking quote from the brilliant BID event tonight.

Android : Join us this evening to hear about our research on Home Office decision-making during the pandemic & to hear from: Mr A, former BID client detained during the pandemic; Juliet Cohen from Freedom from Torture & Zita Holbourne from BARAC…

Android : Majority of black teachers do not feel employers have addressed their Covid-19 risks, polls find…

Android : Were shining the spotlight on Spoken Word and Poetry for todays 2020 throwback!

Feat: Zita Holbourne BARAC // Pari Richards // Sarah Louise // Addae G 🇹🇹🇬🇧 // Stephanie Robinson // Naami Soya // Hosted by Tara x



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Android : While mutual aid efforts between and within communities has been a pillar of strength and solidarity, it is NOT the job of charities and orgs like BARAC to fulfil the role of the state. The state which has more than enough (stolen) wealth to go round. #ZeroCovid…

Android : #ZeroCovid strategy must centre Black and disabled communities, as the pandemic response should have been from the start. How many Black and disabled people make up covid19 deaths? Why is ensuring the material needs of minority groups not central to government policy? 🤨…