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Falcon Social Media Management : Could fruit be used to power your phone? 📞
BBC Future gives us the lowdown.…

Falcon Social Media Management : The bulbous part of a beluga whales head is called a melon (amazing) and aids them in echolocation and communication with other belugas. 😍

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Falcon Social Media Management : Human hero! BBC News (UK) reports that a rescuer in northern Germany saved a trapped owl from a 40m-deep well at a ruined castle.…

Falcon Social Media Management : What do they even look like again?! 🤔 #AnimalImpossible

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Falcon Social Media Management : Nature's best dancers may not be what you think... 💃🕺…

Falcon Social Media Management : In this article from BBC Travel, they investigate the technology that has revealed a whole new timeline of human occupation across the UK, from prehistoric burial mounds to hidden Roman roads.

Falcon Social Media Management : Plotting world domination or just thinking about dinner?⁣

Plant foods make up the majority of a black bears diet, but they have been known to venture into rural areas to eat human food.⁣

#EarthCapture by Jennifer Hadley

Twitter Media Studio : An adult Steller's sea eagle can measure up to 9 feet from wing tip to wing tip 🦅 #AnimalImpossible

Twitter Media Studio : True heartbreak 💔 #AnimalImpossible

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Falcon Social Media Management : BBC Future dives beneath the frozen wastes of the Arctic to investigate the three-way geopolitical tug-of-war taking place over a ridge of undersea mountains.

Falcon Social Media Management : BBC Travel explores the republic of Nakhchivan, a place few travellers visit but is emerging as one of the world’s most sustainable nations.

Falcon Social Media Management : Mum, youre embarrassing me...

Fallow deer are native to Asia and were introduced into the UK by the Normans during the 11th century. Females form large herds but will split into smaller groups when food becomes scarce.

#EarthCapture by Anna Stelloo

Falcon Social Media Management : Eagles bigger than tanks? We're pretty sure this is the stuff of nightmares #AnimalImpossible

Falcon Social Media Management : Summer 2020 is a popular time for missions to the red planet because of the way the planets align. BBC News (UK) looks at how long it takes to get there 🚀

iPhone : You can find out more about Animal Impossible and where you can watch it here:…

Twitter Media Studio : #AnimalImpossible presenters, Tim and Gendle, reflect on their time searching for the golden orb weaver spider 🕷🕸

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Falcon Social Media Management : In this article from BBC News (UK), new evidence suggests that people were living in the Americas 33,000 years ago - much earlier than previously thought.

Falcon Social Media Management : The reintroduction of red kites to an area of outstanding natural beauty 30 years ago has been a "true conservation success story", an expert has said. BBC News (World)

Twitter Media Studio : The first Paddington Bear twins to be born in the UK! 🐻

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