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SocialFlow : Jennifer๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Hello Jennifer, sorry to hear that. try switching on BETA mode: If this doesn't help, please contact us: with your xbox model, make/model for TV, iPlayer system info: We'd like to help. Thanks

SocialFlow : Nicci MacLeod Hello Nicci, there are no current plans. We really appreciate the interest in making it available again. I have included your comments into our dedicated daily reports to be seen by BBC iPlayer management. For info on programme availability:

SocialFlow : Gellert Korpos If your TV is a new model, itโ€™s possible that itโ€™s awaiting certification. The BBC cannot comment on a particular device under certification, but you could speak to the manufacturer. You can still get BBC iPlayer by connecting another device.

SocialFlow : Gellert Korpos Hello Gellert, an 02001 error message relates to your internet connection. Try these steps: If these don't help, please contact us: We'd like to help resolve this issue.

SocialFlow : Lauren Weller Hi lauren! This is something we are aware of and we are looking to get this fixed asap. Hopefully, it doesn't take our engineers too long to fix. Please keep checking it

SocialFlow : Andrew Hi! I've checked this myself and I was able to download the episodes without any problems. Please follow these steps first:
If the problems continue, contact us here and tell us what you tried:

SocialFlow : Tom Tugendhat As Marc mentioned, the best troubleshooting you can do is to uninstall and then reinstall the app again. This will delete all downloads though. Can you tell us what error you are getting?