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Twitter for iPad : 1/ Interested in the structure and function of the outer plexiform layer in the retina, one of the most complex synaptic sites of the visual system? Wei Li and I certainly am, and we are inviting you to join us for an OPL zoom meeting! RT please! 🙏

Twitter for iPad : My daughter is attending the Ann Richards School and as she learns about her (AR) there is surprise to find out that Texas wasn't always this mecca of wannabe conservative puritan politics. Texas' path to success was paved by progressive ideas.…

Twitter for iPad : Mark Heaps Our school systems under Ann Richards were amazing. She also worked to get the *best* teachers and programs into the poorest neighborhoods.

Twitter for iPad : The 60 Minutes interview with Trump is a case study in why you never let the monsters into your home, or lives, and most definitely never the highest office in the land.

The emotional, physical, and financial toll, not to mention the damage to reputation they take is horrendous.

iPhone : Closed down White House Pandemic Response Team

Defunded CDC China Op that performed early outbreak monitoring

Cut funding for CDC ops

Shut down funding for specific coronavirus research

Any disaster is rarely the cause of any one, bad decision...

Trump makes bad decisions...…

iPhone : Nice to see Julián Castro on ABC News talking about the power of the Latino vote.

I grew up in Texas under some of the best years with the leadership of Ann Richards as a Democratic governor. It would be amazing to see Texas flip back Democratic in this presidential election.

TweetDeck : Doing some modeling with these #COVID19 numbers for #Utah, and I’m thinking we are going to hit 2400 daily cases this coming week and be absolutely out of ICU bed space by next week.