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Android : Received an email offering you a national insurance refund? #TakeFive

#Challenge Could it be fake? It’s ok to reject, refuse or ignore any requests. Only criminals will try to rush or panic you.…

Android : When 27 police officers were injured at a BLM demo, the BBC called it a “largely peaceful protest”. When just six officers were injured at Saturday’s pro-statue protest, the BBC called it a “violent clash”. Brazen double standards, says Brendan O’Neill…

Android : This is what the scum dont want you to see ,, me and my really good mate whom I hadnt seen for 35yrs since walking the streets of Belfast together meeting up today in parliament sq theres no skin colour to divide us, ever ! hes my brother !

Android : Yesterday’s attack on 2 police officers in Hackney shocked the whole country. This is what happens when you encourage people who attack the police.

The police aren’t the problem, they’re the solution. Chaos on our streets hits the disadvantaged the most.…

Android : This is being directly caused by hatred of the police — encouraged by the campaign to defund and abolish. It is truly shocking.

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Android : Police Officers attacked in London today. Will mainstream media ignore these disgusting scenes?

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Android : Britain's greatest naval hero Horatio Nelson was at the forefront of the European struggle against the military dictator Napoleon. Now the radical left want Nelson's Column ripped down because they find him offensive. We should teach our kids to love our heroes, not hate them!

Android : Would the Jewish faith want Auschwitz demolished? No of course they wouldn’t because we learn from history & every monument, statue & building is a waypoint to a better future. Re-writing history & narcissistically imposing a one sided world view is wrong & must be challenged!

Android : Slavery is as old as humanity, but Britain led the way in abolishing it. We bought the freedom of every slave in the Empire, and each of us happily paid for it with our taxes until 2015 - why is this side of the story always ignored?!

Android : Maybe if our police got off their knees and did their job, they might be able to stop yobs vandalising a statue to the man who, more than anyone, made it possible for these people to go on a sodding protest in the first place.…

Android : If you have received an email which you’re not quite sure about, forward it to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS)...…

Android : #ReportOnline | Did you know you can report non-urgent crimes online? This includes road traffic incidents, antisocial behaviour and more. We have online reporting tools or livechat - where you can message a 101 operator. Visit our website to learn more 👉

Android : Interesting chart from a report by the ABD showing that cars actually contribute a small amount to the national Co2 polution(just 12.4%) commercial vehicles even less so why are we demonising petrol & diesel engines so much? Who & whos pocket is gaining by pushing electric?

Android : Criminals are taking advantage of the new Covid-19 tracing app which is being trialled by sending spoof texts informing you to self-isolate/get tested.

Always #Take Five and avoid clicking on links as they could lead to fake websites,

You can report scam texts to 7726

Android : ⚠SCAM ALERT: Your Spotify subscription hasn’t been ‘paused’ – this fake email is actually after access to your bank details.

Android : UK fraud prevention body, Cifas, is warning individuals and companies to be extra vigilant following an increase in the number of scams seeking to exploit the coronavirus pandemic

Android : Calls to UK Domestic Abuse Helplines have more than doubled since the lockdown. Victims should know that if they are in danger, they can dial 999, then press 55 and remain silent. Police will know that the caller is in danger and cannot speak. Spread this wide.

Android : We are aware of emails claiming to be from HMRC offering tax rebates as a result of #coronavirus

If you receive an email, text or call claiming to be from us that asks you to click on a link or to give information such as your name, credit card or bank details, it’s a scam.

Android :…

I'm not a 'vigilante'. I report the scams to the proper authorities. Most of the time the reports are ignored and it seems to take a documentary before something actually happens.