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Twitter Web App : What are the 3-4 statistics that best paint a picture of American economic #inequality?

Twitter Web App : We cannot talk about renewing the economy, because renewal means restarting something that was interrupted. And I do not want to restart the economy that we had. We have to reimagine. And we begin, first, by asking the question: Why is there so much inequality in our society?

Twitter Web App : Money can act as medicine to heal broken systems and advance racial justice.

I'm featured on @Uncharted's new podcast on the steps social impact funders can take to integrate racial justice and Indigenous wisdom into their work.

Listen here:…

Twitter Web App : As he rose in the nonprofit and foundation world, .Edgar Villanueva kept seeing the same thing: white decision makers dishing out cash to predominantly white organizations. He is one of OZYs 86 “angelic troublemakers.”

Twitter Web App : Our new Uncharted podcast episode:

Behind the scenes with a food justice entrepreneur: How Ricardo Rocha led Bondadosa to grow 870% during COVID-19…

Buffer : Our only hope for our collective liberation is a politics of deep solidarity rooted in love. - Michelle Alexander

Twitter Web App : 1/15 Our leadership and staff are by design largely People of Color. We have deep and painful personal experiences with racism. We are outraged; we are tired of the lack of change; and we are angry. This is our call to action.

Twitter Web App : This summer, Uncharted Digital is launching an experiment to try out a 4-day workweek.

Everyone’s salary is staying the same, but our team will work 32 hours every week.

100% pay and benefits, 80% hours, 100% contribution.

Learn more here and follow along:…

Instagram : The size of a sampling, the confidence of a redwood. Training for a summer of backcountry adventures with Hudson. @ Eagles Nest Wilderness…

Twitter Web App : Housing affordability is the foundation of a society. Without it, we can't: care for our families, shelter in place, or save for the future.

Innovations from Terner Center and its #housinglab are upstream + essential. They will flatten the curve of runaway US housing costs…

Twitter Web App : 88% of American farms are small. The average age of the American farmer is 58. What does the future of farming look like? We're partnering on a program with Chipotle to support those leading the charge!…