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Twitter Web App : Congrats to NASA JPL on landing Perseverance Mars Rover today! Looking forward to seeing what this mission uncovers—and proud our administration invested in this effort eight years ago to help continue America’s rich tradition of exploration and discovery.

Twitter Web App : I felt inspired and hopeful after speaking with students in @TheTellingRoom’s Young Writers & Leaders program. I wrote #APromisedLand in part because I hoped to reach young people like those in this group—the unique voices of a new generation, energized and unafraid to dream big.…

iPhone : Michelle and I are thinking of everyone across the country braving the winter storms this week. Here’s an overview of how you can help—or, if you’re in Texas, where you can go to stay warm or get support.…

Twitter Web App : Great news: Thanks to President Biden, starting today, you can go to to sign up for health insurance. If you’re uninsured or hoping to change plans, here’s a good article that can help you figure out if you’re eligible.…

iPhone : During our time in the White House, Michelle and I were proud to display artwork from artists like Alma Thomas and Charles Alston—whose work provoked thought, challenged our assumptions, and shaped how we define our narrative as a country.

iPhone : There is a lot of disinformation out there, but here’s the truth: You should get a COVID vaccine as soon as it's available to you. It could save your life—or a loved one’s.…

iPhone : Climate change is a real threat to us all—but feeling helpless or overwhelmed isn’t going to solve it. As long as we stay hopeful and keep working with the urgency the challenge demands, we can make a difference.…

Twitter Media Studio : I’m proud to announce that the Obama Presidential Center will officially break ground in 2021. Our hope is that the center will breathe new life into historic Jackson Park while delivering jobs, growth, and much more to the South Side.

Let’s get to work.

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Twitter Media Studio : Black-owned independent bookstores play a critical role in communities all across our country. I wanted to show my support, so I dropped in to surprise the folks from MahoganyBooks & the Very Smart Brothas Book Club. Take a look.

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iPhone : When Jackie Robinson faced down slurs, spiked cleats, and pitches aimed at his head—and stole home anyway—he didnt only change baseball. He changed the world and paved the way for others, including me. On his birthday, we’re called not only to honor that legacy but build on it.

iPhone : In her extraordinary career, Cicely Tyson was one of the rare award-winning actors whose work on the screen was surpassed only by what she was able to accomplish off of it. She had a heart unlike any other—and for 96 years, she left a mark on the world that few will ever match.

iPhone : .Ekpe Udoh—I saw your tweet about A Promised Land and thought I’d respond. For me, the title of my book is about the work we need to do to realize the promise of becoming a more perfect union, even if we don’t get there in our lifetimes. Glad to see your book club is reading it!…

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Twitter Web App : Here’s an example of the incredible risks and burdens that our essential workers have been facing. And even as we move toward vaccinating our population, we all need to remain vigilant until we’ve beaten this pandemic.…

iPhone : Hank Aaron was one of the best baseball players we’ve ever seen and one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. Michelle and I send our thoughts and prayers to the Aaron family and everyone who was inspired by this unassuming man and his towering example.

iPhone : This is a time for boldness and President Biden is already delivering.

By rejoining the Paris climate accords on day one, he declared loudly and clearly that the U.S. will once again lead the fight against climate change.

And this is only the beginning.…

iPhone : Today was a good day.

And it was only possible because of you. Because you made calls. Because you marched. Because you wore your masks and voted like never before.

For four years, you defended our democracy with everything you had—and now, our country can enter a new day.…

Twitter Media Studio : On a day for the history books, Amanda Gorman delivered a poem that more than met the moment. Young people like her are proof that there is always light, if only were brave enough to see it; if only were brave enough to be it.

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