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iPhone : Thousands now chanting “black lives matter” in front of the US Embassy in Berlin #GeorgeFloyd

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iPhone : “My legacy has roots in my father’s legacy.”—Donald J Trump

Fred arrested at KKK rally.

On this, the 🍎 doesn’t fall far from the 🌳.

Listen to Trump’s rhetoric—it’s the language of racism.



iPhone : We are all understandably consumed with yet another murder of a black man by a white officer. But most of us ignore how touchscreen voting machines have been disappearing black votes in the South. I wrote about the latter here. I feel they are connected.…

iPhone : While Trump promotes violence & fantasizes a/b a fusion of law-enforcement & white supremacy, he is also losing control of his body. Who jerks back like this to avoid a handshake? His horizontal right palm is balance loss compensation- part of his long list of Dementia symptoms

iPhone : Most ppl can gaze upward w/ their eyes while moving their head back to see upward. Trump can’t do either w/ his FTD. It’s almost like the need to look up initiated an involuntary jerk backwards. He then seemed disoriented like he jumped off a swing. He should be wearing a helmet.…

iPhone : Bill Barr slammed by ex-FBI official for ignoring the right-wing ‘Boogaloo Bois’ infiltrating protests -…

iPhone : I’m the Democrat and USAF Veteran running against Republican Kevin McCarthy. We have a big end of month deadline coming up — and we’re $3700 short. Will you retweet and chip in below ⬇️ so we can send him packing? 🇺🇸

iPhone : Yesterday, while you were distracted:

Trump errand boys ⁦Ratcliffe⁩ & ⁦Grassley⁩ released transcripts hoping they would exonerate ⁦General Flynn

Instead, they made it worse...much worse…

iPhone : I just can’t believe this is the country I was born in and have loved😭.

iPhone : Over the last few months, countless Asian Americans have been threatened, attacked, and blamed for COVID-19. They've cruelly been made the scapegoat by the most powerful man on the planet, President Trump. It has to end.

Read more from Tammy Duckworth and me:…

iPhone : This is a test to take away the free press and turn our country into a communist country. When our first amendment rights are taken the end is near. I pray for these reporters trying to show us the truth.…