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Android : To fast from Dawn till dusk is no easy task but it's worth it.. I wish the whole Islam community the very best thru this sacrifice

Android : Bernies Tweets So this is how it starts.. This is how it started in Germany in the 1930s.. Majority support this, those who won't get vaccinated will be isolated and openly discriminated against.. The media will call us vermin.. Vaccine nazis the lot of ye.. Ye should be ashamed

Android : Two years ago today. Despite being charged with nothing and winning his extradition case, Julian Assange remains in prison.

His punishment is a symbol of what happens when you really tell the truth.

Android : Convince me luke.. OK I'm a healthy 40 Yr old male, if I get covid, my chances of dying are less than 1%,less than a blood clot from AZ, if I get vaccinated.. I still can get covid and still pass it on.. So what is the point.. I'm open to being convinced.Convince me Luke ONeill

Android : It shows you how far the political establishment in Ireland are from the people.

No political party,

other than Aontú,

has spoken out against Vaccine passports.

Yet by all accounts the people oppose it too.…

Android : Good to see the Journal finally taking an interest in some of the negative effects of lockdown. Could've interviewed a builder or something I guess, but hey, tiny steps.…

Android : September 2019.. Months before the covid 19.. Simon Harris made an attempt to do this.. Jigsaw coming together now #COVID19ireland…