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Bio I post breaking news with my reaction/commentary. I LOATHE everything Trump: Rudeness is blocked immediately. #TheResistance; #BlueWave; RT implies agreement***
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Twitter Web App : Vanessa Great!! It's much better than the news channels; Arturo is a natural. I have been glued to his feed for two hours

Twitter Web App : If anyone is up and wants to walk the streets of downtown San Diego with a number of protesters, this guy is broadcasting live and he's very colorful in his descriptions:…

Twitter Web App : Fire set in basement at historic St. John’s church during DC protests now out; this is a historic church going back to Abraham Lincoln (often called Church of the Presidents, except Trump) & more recently, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his wife were among parishioners.

Twitter Web App : Update, NYT: Fires are burning in the streets near the White House in Washington, where a curfew went into effect at 11 p.m. Eastern time. The White House went dark, turning off almost all of its external lights.

Twitter Web App : ᒪᎥᒪƳ❥ The Daily Beast Shooter bar owner, Jake Gardner, is a former Marine who was deployed to Iraq and Haiti, and a volunteer for the Trump campaign in 2016. He later attended the inauguration and considers himself a friend of Don Jr.'s. His dog wears a MAGA vest.…

Twitter Web App : The shooter is on the left and thats Don Trump Jr on the right. Shooter was a huge fan of Trump and even attended the inauguration: (Click on the image to see in its entirety.)…

Twitter Web App : Oh, no!! Black Protester Shot to Death Outside Omaha Bar: A young black protester was shot dead outside a bar in Omaha as unrest across the nation engulfed the Nebraska city—and the white bar owner was reportedly in custody.… via The Daily Beast,rss

Twitter Web App : BeachPretzel Has Twitter decided “yet” that Trump with his tweets are a danger to this country and our democracy? Cause and effect! The man has blood on his hands for multiple reasons.