Devin Nunes 30-50 Feral Hogs (@BeeMissa )

Devin Nunes 30-50 Feral Hogs

Bio I came here to blow bubbles and troll Trump. And Im all out of bubbles.
#Resistance #BlueWave2020🌊 Mom of #LGBT Kids 🌈 OG in the 816 #Bravoholic 🚫AVers!

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Android : This dude literally had his daddy stalk my friends across multiple platforms bc he commented on unfavorably on drumpf.
Hes been harassing his wife, who just beat cancer, and now is emailing his work. People are psychos.…

Twitter Web App : I'm ready to give my kids away. Does that 'drop them off at a hospital, no questions asked' apply to teenagers? Asking for my damn self.

Twitter Web App : Trump is a draft dodging, woman raping, daughter fucking, children kidnapping, citizen murdering, election stealing, Ukraine extorting, Nazi worshipping, taxpayer money stealing halfwit, and the best hashtag you could come up with is #TrumpIsALoser?

I'm thoroughly disappointed.

Twitter Web App : You couldn't gather a more incompetent team than Trump's coronavirus task force if you picked the dumbest people you find off the street

Twitter Web App : I know that COVID-19 is more dangerous than the flu
I know that cigarette isnt an infectious disease
Im a better doctor than the US surgeon general

And Im not a doctor whatsoever

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