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Hootsuite Inc. : Brand leaders need to share their opinions about the state of current events and speak out about racial injustice. Just be sure that your messages align with the overall message of your brand. #BekozItMatters #BekozItCreatesChange

Hootsuite Inc. : In this episode of Backstage With Bekoz, we chat w/ #BecomingDrTJack, community organizer & owner of #SankofaYoga + Wellness Center. Tune in to hear how Tamishas built a space of healing & restoration for her community: #MarketingMonday #BackstageWithBekoz

Hootsuite Inc. : If you're interested in seeing how other brands are responding to #racialinjustice, here's a running list (via Ad Age): #BekozItMatters #BekozItCreatesChange

Hootsuite Inc. : Here are a few ways your business or brand can communicate how you are taking action within your organization and/or community to educate about racial injustice and advocate for racial equity. #BekozItMatters #BekozItCreatesChange

Hootsuite Inc. : These are three steps that you can take to make a difference, champion a kôz, and become a change agent.
- Research
- Reach Out
- Stand Up

Start your journey today. Check out our blog:

#BekozItMatters #BekozItCreatesChange

Hootsuite Inc. : #BekozItCreatesChange Spotlight: ethel’s club

This social and wellness platform celebrates people of color and creates spaces for healing and creation. During these traumatic times, Ethels Club is offering free virtual healing and grieving circles.

Hootsuite Inc. : When embarking on any journey, there are bound to be missteps and redirects. But keep moving. Your kôz, whether its addressing #racialinjustice or working toward other types of social improvement, is worth it. #BekozItMatters #BekozItCreatesChange #WednesdayWisdom

Hootsuite Inc. : As physical locations begin to re-open, your communication must be clear and consistent across platforms. Are you open? When? Are there special procedures that your customers need to take before or during their visit to access your products or services? #TuesdayTip #MarketingTip

Hootsuite Inc. : #ICYMI: Your brand cannot afford to be silent about #racialinjustice. #BekozItMatters #BekozItCreatesChange

Hootsuite Inc. : You cannot afford to be silent about #racialinjustice. #BekozItMatters #BekozItCreatesChange

Hootsuite Inc. : We stand against all practices supporting racial inequality, & stand w/ those who work for equity & inclusion. We do it Bekôz we want to motivate change. We remain dedicated to social improvement & hope youll join us. #BekozItMatters #BekozItCreatesChange

TweetDeck : Have you adapted your experiential marketing tactics for changing consumer habits and behaviors? #MarketingMonday #MarketingTips

TweetDeck : Not sure if you are communicating clearly and accurately about #COVID19? Use this topical guide from the Associated Press.

Hootsuite Inc. : Take a minute to do a quick website performance check. If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you may be losing new site users and negatively impacting your ranking on search engine results pages. #SEO #onlinemarketing

Hootsuite Inc. : Spotlight the people and culture of your #brand.
- Poll your team about their work from home must-haves.
- Take fun photos from your video conferences.

Share these things via your channels, and encourage employees to do the same. #BekozBrandBites #TuesdayTip #TipTuesday

Hootsuite Inc. : How have you been communicating with your employees?
#MarketingMonday #COVID19 #communication

Hootsuite Inc. : #BekozItCreatesChange Spotlight: Waters End Brewery of Woodbridge and Beltway Brewing Co.

These NoVa breweries are giving $6 from every six-pack sold of their People Performing under Extreme conditions (PPE) India Pale Ale to Inova Healths #COVID19 Fund.

Hootsuite Inc. : As we continue to navigate these times, we must continue to make sure our marketing and communication efforts are sensitive and empathetic. #BekozItMotivates #BekozItMatters #CauseMarketing

Hootsuite Inc. : Many of us have no choice but to adapt our way of doing things during this time. From changing messaging to offering new products/services, we are in flux. It can be difficult to let go of the past, but we can help you on your new path. #BekozItMotivates #WednesdayWisdom

Hootsuite Inc. : Do you have a #crisiscommunication plan? Having a plan can help with quickly responding to stakeholder concerns, decreasing panic, and managing your brand reputation. Our latest blog post shares key considerations for developing a plan: