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iPhone : Gary Devonport Derby if not worrying about a heavy sanction I think would play on but I think with a deduction possibly looming they’d be happy to call it quits now and move on knowing they’re safe.

iPhone : Gary Devonport I reckon WBA, Brentford, Forest, Preston would end it now. Fulham will fancy catching one of us but not being caught by 7th. I then think 7-11 will want to play on to catch PO. Derby in 12th and down would end now to save themselves I think.

iPhone : We’ll all be better off when we stop making it labour v conservative, remain v leave, etc etc what it should be about is good v bad, that way governments can be properly held to account by its people for the good of everyone not just the powerful…

iPhone : Of all the plot twists in history, the 16 year culmination of the “EFL are bastards” story being that they’re the good guys has topped the lot.

M. Night Shyamalan would’ve been proud of this one. #lufc

iPhone : Shad Gaspard died instructing lifeguards to save his 10 year old son first. The love of a father. RIP Shad. 39 years old. Beyond tragic ❤️

iPhone : Loved the chat you guys had Vinnie Jones Paul Merson leehendrie77 Each of you have suffered loss in different ways and all being able to share your experiences and encourage each other was wonderful to see in the circumstances. Real men the lot of you 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

iPhone : Today’s #ThankYouBakedPotato duet is with actress Pam Doove. (All acting enquiries via Pams agent @reeceshearsmith). You can download the original song, book and toy here All profits go to #FeedNHS

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iPhone : Marcelo Bielsa is something special 💛💙 Leeds United

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iPhone : tommo Andrea Radrizzani Yeah, I’m lucky like I know you are that it’s an outgoing we can still afford. I’d be delighted with a future gesture if possible, football might be flooded with money but it’s still a business that has to run in these times with limited to 0 cash flow. If my few quid helps, good

iPhone : Keep my money, take my season ticket money for next season. Gift me next years Adidas home shirt with EPL badges 😍 Andrea Radrizzani deal boss? In all seriousness, I’d like to support the club through this time if I can, a voucher in the future when things are normal will do.…

iPhone : FA Cup Final 1965, no need for Social Distancing, total respect for each other which somehow seems lost with modern #lfc #lufc fans ?🤔

iPhone : I hope you know how much you are loved by most Ian Wright and can find some comfort in that. I can’t imagine what it’s like seeing this kind of abuse and I’m sorry you or anybody else has to deal with these kind of things. Love you…

iPhone : It’s almost like parts of football are morally bankrupt isn’t it. Some of those parts are in Brighton.

iPhone : Billy Bremner Fan Page Dave Cocker That’s it mate. Buyers I 100% understand but it saddens me when people need to sell to stay afloat or just flat out don’t appreciate the true value. Great to see these pieces hold so much pride 👍🏻