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Android : Ryanair Glad you've gone cashless. I tried to pay for a small sandwich and a coke with a Β£50 note once and you wouldn't accept it. I had to give you two twenties and a ten instead.

Android : Professor Karol Sikora It does make sense - reasomably a family might meet up in a garden centre or car showroom once a month - although they could CHOOSE to do it every day, that would be unusual. If you allow meeting of family in gardens, a lot more WILL be there every day. So spread risk increases.

Android : Helen Porter Many schools have been open throughout, teaching thousands of keyworkers' children (the most at risk of infection group) and also vulnerable children, including in the holidays. Do we know how many onward infections have been recorded in schools during those 9 weeks?

Android : MB Prof. Colin Talbot David Drew The risk is zero unless he has an accident and needs to be attended to. Or his car breaks down. Or he witnesses an accident and is the only person around to help. Or is taken ill. So by definition the risk is not zero. This is why everyone was asked to stay at home.