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Android : Gonna try to get into some anime this year as I'm way out of the loop. The only recent one's I've watched in the last 3-4 years is Attack on Titan on Dragon Ball Super

Looking for recommendations, what's good?

Android : Alright it sounds like Khabib is staying retired

We need to see Dustin Poirier vs Michael Chandler for the title

And that fight is going to be guaranteed fireworks #UFC257

Android : Gene Park, dear gamer Honestly one thing that's helping make people so infatuated with the characters in RE8 is the incredible face animations

Like seriously mad props to the team making this game. The way the characters animate is incredibly well done (and of course yeah the designs ars hot 🀣)

Android : Paul Tassi Yeah the fact it ever even reached the stage where this became an official public thing is the most shocking part

Someone really messed up approving this

Android : Remember, as with everything usually the obvious answer is the right one

Microsoft thought they could increase revenue from Gold subs and also move more people over to Game Pass by raising price. Instead it bit them in the ass in a huge way and they changed course

That's it

Android : I'm not surprised by the conspiracy theories flying around that the XBL Gold debacle yesterday was a "planned marketing move" but uh no. That's not how business works

Microsoft didn't spend the money it costs to print new sub cards and take a huge PR backlash to play 4D Chess

Android : The co-main event is also a banger with "Iron" Michael Chandler making his UFC debut after being a long time Champion and Contender in Bellator

He meets New Zealand striker Dan "The Hangman" Hooker in a fight that should be fireworks

This one is really hard for me to pick!

Android : UFC / MMA fight fans who wins today's giant lightweight rematch?

The biggest star in the sport and former 2 weight class world champion "The Notorious" Conor McGregor or longtime contender and former Interim Champ Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier

I've got McGregor by KO in 3 rounds

Android : John Welfare This is a GREAT point Welfare

Honestly this is pretty huge news in general. Lot's of people out there with Xbox's that still aren't subbed to Gold so could see a nice boost

Android : Halo Infinite multiplayer being legit Free 2 Play at launch with no paywall at all now that Xbox isn't requiring Gold for F2P titles is a huge positive for the Halo brand

The amount of people that will have access to this on both consoles and PC with no barrier to entry is huge