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Bio I make & take screenshots at @EA_DICE. All tweets are quotes from the movie Commando (1985).
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Twitter Web App : Is there any interest for a thread of TLOU2 photomode tips & tricks, or are you here just to fight in my replies?

Android : Sir Most open / outdoor areas allow the camera go further, unless there's something blocking it. And I think I'm also using max FOV in that shot, it adds to the feel that the camera is far.

Twitter Web App : Cody Via PS4. Then transfer to PC with an USB stick.

If you haven't already, switch screenshot capture format to PNG on your PS4. It's set to JPG by default.

Twitter Web App : Matheus Maschmann Noir at 50% is the starting point for most of my portraits. But it's mostly about finding good light/shadows. Abby is in moonlight, Lev between a lantern and my flashlight. Sun is generally too harsh for character shots.

Twitter Web App : EmDizzle Yeah it took some time to angle everything nicely towards the light. Wanted to get the machete glare, some of the wet highlights on Ellie, plus wanted her to look to that direction.