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iPhone : 👇🏾 “I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos, without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today – my own government.” #MLK…

iPhone : Join me and a group of extraordinary leaders this Thursday, 1pm EST, for TIME’s #Time100Talks. During this livestream event, I will join Michael Tubbs for a powerful discussion on a Guaranteed Annual Income and other topics. Don’t miss it. Register here: …

iPhone : Some people are never going to be comfortable with talking about racism or with eradicating racism.

Make room for growth and consciousness, but don’t be distracted.

We will never eradicate racism, which is destroying and dehumanizing across the globe, if we cater to discomfort.

iPhone : Chaos or Community? Humanity determines where we go from here. Let’s choose community. Read #MLK’s ‘Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?’ for more on the HOW. Link to purchase:

iPhone : Love & Truth
Truth & Love

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iPhone : Do you know about Childrens Defense Fund? Every day, this organization works on behalf of Black children and all children who are endangered by various forms of violence. Instead of raising “Black on Black crime” as a rebuttal to protests against racism, sincerely support orgs like this.…

iPhone : I’m concerned about the holistic health of Black communities.

I believe that we need to strategically address all forms of violence.

I believe that humans should be more humane toward each other. Period.

I also believe that America will use any excuse to not focus on racism.

iPhone : There are organizations and groups that step up to confront gun violence in Black communities every day.

Do the masses know about those groups and orgs? No. Why?

Because it doesn’t fit the narrative that Black people are nonchalant about gun violence in Black communities.

iPhone : White people shoot up predominantly white gatherings...”Mental illness.”

Black people shoot Black people...”Black on Black crime. They should focus on that, not on police brutality.”

What if language and legislation reflecting sincere care for Black people were priorities?

iPhone : White individuals commit crime all the time but white people aren’t subjected to racist policing.

So the idea that we, as Black people, have to resolve the issue of crime in order for us to live free of racist policing is RACIST. 1/

iPhone : That Black people experience high levels of gun violence in our communities does not make us less deserving of good and fair policing, it makes us more deserving. Imagine thinking that our suffering crime justifies police brutality. This is pathologizing of black suffering.

iPhone : And still...

Dear Breonna:

I’m sorry this is taking so long; even more sorrowful that you’re not alive.
You should be here.


There have been no arrests made for the murder of #BreonnaTaylor. Tag Attorney General Daniel Cameron to demand #JusticeForBreonna. The officers must be held accountable.

iPhone : #JusticeForSecoriea. That continuum of justice includes the arrests of those who so cruelly and callously shot and killed her + ending gun violence in our communities.…

iPhone : #SecorieaTurner, 8 years-old

Shot and killed in #Atlanta

We believe that we can & must challenge & work to prevent all forms of violence

Nonviolent strategy helps us do that.
It examines, educates & eradicates

Join us July 14, 7pm EST, as we explore revolutionary nonviolence