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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : “We have to end then for-profit schemes that are embedded into mass incarceration… The corrections budget is the #1 line budget in the state of Michigan and I can’t get clean water into 60 of the schools in this neighborhood I live in.” –Rashida Tlaib

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : There are people out there who quite intentionally do not want you to vote.

Why is that?

Because they are content with a government that is dominated by big money interests.

Chip in at to help us GOTV in Michigan now.

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : “I am here because we are all in the boat together, and we are all going to sink or swim together on Nov. 3. And I don’t want to sink. I’d rather swim with you and everybody else to save this country and save this democracy.” –Michael Moore

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : “As an American, one of our greatest rights is to go out there and vote and have a say in our government… It starts with our vote if we want change.” –Oday Aboushi

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : “I think every American’s got a right to quality health care, period... And change comes when we’ve been through these kinds of hard times.” –Debbie Dingell

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Twitter Web App : The real looting in America is 644 billionaires becoming $931 billion richer during a pandemic, while Republicans continue to deny 25 million+ unemployed Americans the $600/week they need to pay for rent & put food on the table. We need an economy that works for all, not the 1%.

Twitter Media Studio : This week there will be a bill in the Senate that would provide the support millions of families desperately need.

I say to my Republican colleagues: Stop listening to Donald Trump. Stop listening to your wealthy campaign contributors.

Pass that bill.

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Twitter Media Studio : California, we can make history in November. Let’s elect Georgette Gómez to the Congress where she will fight for a progressive agenda and help transform our nation so it works for all of our people.

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Twitter Web App : We must defeat Trump on Nov. 3rd. But that's not all we have to do. With a Democratic Congress and a strong grassroots movement, we must take on the billionaire class and the corporate elite and create an economy that works for all, and not the few. Now is the time.

Twitter Web App : We will not have a strong economy and save lives unless we roll back the COVID virus. We will not roll back COVID until we have a president who believes in science. Trump is a danger to our health and our economy, and on Nov. 3rd we will get rid of him.

Twitter Web App : “People are tired of listening to Fauci and these idiots,” Trump said. When Trump rejects science, downplays the pandemic & relies on right-wing conspiracy theories, we shouldn't be shocked the virus is surging & we have the highest COVID death rate per capita of major countries.

iPhone : With a Democratic majority in the House and Senate we must end the absurdity of women making 80 cents on the dollar compared to men. Equal pay for equal work is not a radical idea.

iPhone : We have now done 15 virtual rallies in battleground states. The message is the same. Trump became president by winning PA, MI and WI by only 110,000 votes combined. Your vote counts. Let us respond to Republican voter suppression by voting in record-breaking numbers.

Twitter Web App : Together, we can win Michigan, defeat Donald Trump, and create a country that works for all of us, not just the 1%.

Join me and Rashida Tlaib this Tuesday, October 20 for a virtual town hall with special guests.

Watch at

Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : Whatever your differences [with Biden] are, they’re nothing compared to what we’re facing if we keep Trump there. We have got to win this election. –Tick Segerblom, Clark County Commissioner

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : We have so much at stake. Not only the health and safety of our families, but as a woman, my right to choose what’s best for my body, the rights of immigrants, and the rights of our LGBTQ community. –Natalie Hernandez, Deputy Political Director of Make the Road Action Nevada

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