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Twitter for iPad : In Oval Office, Truman displayed pictures of airplanes and new Presidential seal whose design he had overseen for post-World War II era:

TweetDeck : Mike Barnicle Actually, Mike, by the time I had dinner at Duke Zeibert’s, Duke was in fierce competition with his ex maitre’d, Mel Krupin, who had opened his own nearby restaurant, and I don’t think they were on speaking terms. Long ago and far away.

TweetDeck : Now Hawley is claiming that he “was never attempting to overturn the election” and was merely “representing my constituents.” Does Hawley think Americans are gullible and stupid? They are not, and most people can see through phonies.

TweetDeck : After saying he was willing to run for President, on “Larry King Live,” February 1992, Ross Perot ran ahead of George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton in polls for months:

TweetDeck : Chutzpah award for today (with lots of competition) goes to Jenna Ryan of Frisco, Texas, the Trump supporter who flew private jet to DC for the insurrection and is now begging for public donations to support her legal defense.