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Twitter Web App : "Beijing has effectively leveraged the UN Human Rights Council to endorse the very activities it was created to oppose." ⁦B. Allen-Ebrahimian⁩ axios.com/countries-supp…

Twitter Web App : Key point from @sophieHRW: "China is attempting not only to silence critics of its record on human rights, but 'to change the norms and the protocols of these institutions so that no state really can be held accountable.'"


Twitter Web App : William Yang In addition, I think it’s important to point out that this isn’t an actual national security law, in the exact same way that the Xinjiang concentration camps aren’t counter-terrorism efforts.

Twitter Web App : FT editorial cautions foreign companies on doing business in a HK that is no longer autonomous and free; also calls for the EU to take a tougher stance on HK and against China broadly ft.com/content/5d3d7d…

Twitter Web App : I spoke to those born during Hong Kong’s handover in 1997, about their plans for the future, and what it’s like to be 23, not 50, and watching HK’s autonomy end today. “It’s like being born with a ticking time bomb,” said one. npr.org/2020/07/01/885…

Twitter Web App : Prime Minister, two days ago you signed an agreement with China promising to deliver over 5 million people into the hands of a communist dictatorship, Emily Lau asked Thatcher in 1984.

Channel 4 News catches up with her.

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Twitter Web App : This powerful image is made from the names of Uyghur writers, poets, and intellectuals who have disappeared into China's internment camps for Muslims. I know so many people on this list. I think of them every day.

Please RT. Spread the word in any way you can. #Uyghur twitter.com/SuluArtco/stat…

Twitter Web App : Chinese techs have been bracing for hardship in India over geopolitical turmoil, but researches presented the fact that Chinese tech and money is very much embedded at the root of India's tech industry, making a boycott China campaign uneconomical. en.pingwest.com/a/7069

Twitter Web App : 18 of the 30 Indian unicorn companies surveyed have Chinese investors. Alibaba, BD, and Tencent have invested in 92 startups, including market leaders such as Paytm, Ola, and Oyo. Gateway House have found that more than 75 Indian companies were largely Chinese funded.

Twitter Web App : Today’s 1 happy thing: 宝宝 learned 耳机 and he just kept saying 耳机耳机耳机 and he even got the tones right (-ish). His first tone was adorably high, like a squeak, er-JI er-JI!

Twitter Web App : Let's stop arguing how to wage or avoid a Cold War with China. It’s the wrong frame either way. Time instead to dig into the hard policy work of renewing American competitiveness.

My latest with Richard Fontaine in The Washington Post: washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/…

Twitter Web App : "Beijing has effectively leveraged the UN Human Rights Council to endorse the very activities it was created to oppose." Trump pulled US out and here’s what happened. axios.com/countries-supp…

Twitter Web App : The US had +57,236 new confirmed coronavirus cases today, a new record for the 2nd day in a row, bringing the total number of cases above 2.8 million.

Twitter Web App : “All in all, this is a takeover of Hong Kong."

Legal experts have had time to digest the new national security law China imposed on Hong Kong. Here's what they've found, via Chun Han Wong 王春翰