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iPhone : When a person respects you they tell you the truth -
Bernie Sanders always does
Leslie Salzillo: Sanders addresses his own supporters who say they’re not going to vote for Biden.

“Please understand, our very democracy is at stake in this election.” ”

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iPhone : This is absolutely brilliant!! 😂👏

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iPhone : Dear Red States: when Obamacare is dead, you will have done something I thought anatomically impossible. You will have fucked yourselves.

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Twitter Web App : We are dedicating all of our end of quarter money to defeating Susan Collins. Please retweet and chip in anything you can before midnight:

iPhone : These social networks are destroying our nation’s cognitive immunity — its ability to sort truth from falsehood.
Without shared facts on which to make decisions, there can be no solutions to our biggest challenges.

iPhone : But they have also become huge, unedited cesspools of conspiracy theories that are circulated and believed by a shocking — and growing — number of people.

iPhone : Facebook and Twitter have become giant engines for destroying the two pillars of our democracy — truth and trust. Yes, these social networks have given voice to the voiceless. That is a good thing and it can really enhance transparency.

iPhone : The Beast came roaring out last night & it was sickening to see. Even if you are #Trumpsupporters, even you know, that was no debate; our system relies on at least a show of willingness to listen with an open mind to the other side. We didn’t get that. And don’t forget #COVID19

Twitter Web App : I told you to kick him in the nuts! That woulda shut him up, because that's close to where his voice comes from. Honestly, that was deeply, profoundly horrible, and we deserve better. Don't do another one unless there's a kill button on the mics.…

Twitter Web App : I've purchased the campaign domains and built Anti-GOP Websites for the sycophants. The final month push for them begins tomorrow. Share all around, and if you can, please donate to help me keep them going.

iPhone : He killed 206,000 people. He threw out the #PandemicPlan created by the Obama administration. He knew all along the virus was a killer, & never prepared us, nor when it hit, did he give us proper health guidance, even something as simple as a mask. SHAMEFUL #BEBEAST #BidenWon

iPhone : This is what Trump is like in the Oval Office every day. It’s why Kelly left, why Mattis quit,” said the prominent Republican. “Trump doesn’t let anyone else speak. He really doesn’t care what you have to say. He demeans people. He talks over them. And everyone around him thinks

iPhone : “Trump doesn’t accept the consensus that the debate was a disaster because, sources say, he was unabashedly himself. “The thing of the debate is people got to see why no one who has any integrity can work for Trump.

iPhone : 108 Fahrenheit, 30 September. Not really a forest management issue... is it? It’s climate change. There is work to do.

Twitter Web App : The #GOP cannot govern. Remember they presided over #9-11, the #IraqWar, the 2008 #GreatRecession, & when they returned to the WH, then presided over a tax cut for Billionaires, a PANDEMIC, #RacialUnrest and #ClimateChange which they continue to deny. They solved NOTHING. ZERO.

iPhone : #FLORIDA! Trump won FL in '16 by just 112,911 votes, but that's before we knew he was a broke ass tax cheat who paid $4,200 dollars less in Fed taxes than the average Floridian, when he paid at all. Don't throw eggs at Mar-A-Lago, follow Florida Democrats & vote him out!

iPhone : Mark Hamill I am the single mother, Democrat & United States Vet running against Trump enabler Republican Kevin McCarthy. Today is the last day of the quarter before the final fundraising deadline in this election. We need all hands on deck. Please chip in right now:…