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Bio Canadian who has an obsessive desire to see Trump revealed for the horrible man he is. I worry about the effect he will have on the world
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iPhone : Comparing a rich career criminal waging war on the FBI in an effort to escape even a scintilla of legal liability for decades of fraud, bribery, obstruction, and other legally actionable deceit to the plight of a black man of modest means killed by local police is *fully obscene*…

iPhone : Donald J. Trump Fact Check: False. Mail-in voting has not been shown to lead to “massive fraud and abuse.” In fact, Trump himself and many members of his family used mail-in voting to cast their ballots. Absentee ballots are a necessity since we are in the worst pandemic in modern history.

iPhone : Donald J. Trump We already have mail in voting you silly fool. It’s called absentee ballots. We need to expand access to those ballots and offer them to every voter. This is to protect the people of our great republic’s health, safety and well-being. This is again for personal gain. We see you

iPhone : Kind of giving the game away when you just put right out there that the reason to oppose people voting by mail is that it hurts your political party

Voter fraud was a flimsy and sheer gown to begin with but Trump has just flung it off completely to show us his whole orange glory…

iPhone : 40 million enemployed and Trump’s fantasizin’ about puttin’ more folks outta work.…

iPhone : We usually expect our National Security Advisors to not be working secretly on behalf of other countries. Just sayin’.…

iPhone : This is just undisguised, unapologetic authoritarianism. How can ANYONE be OK with a US president saying stuff like this?…

iPhone : President Trump declared Twitter should be shut down over alleged anti-conservative bias.

Reporter: “How would you shut down an American company?”

Trump: “I dont know, Id have to ask the lawyers..If it were able to be legally shut down, I would do it”

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I heard there was looting and I'm furious. Republicans and Democrats stealing from the poor to bail out the rich in a #pandemic. That kind of theft is unacceptable.

iPhone : I understand Donald Trump's priorities as this: he waited two months to take action against coronavirus but only twenty-four hours to go after Twitter.

iPhone : I agree, and would take it further. Mueller's narrow scope considered only a before-the-fact conspiracy to commit computer crimes, not—for instance—aiding and abetting, or solicitation (of a bribe). And he said clearly that he couldn't access all the evidence he wanted to access.…