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Twitter Web App : Here in Washington, we always vote by mail. It's a safe and secure way to shape the future of our country. But regardless of whether you vote by mail or in person this year, I hope you plan to make your voice heard. Visit for more information.

Twitter Web App : For decades, Rotary International has worked tirelessly to #EndPolio. Today, the health infrastructure they’ve built around the world is supporting the COVID-19 response. #WorldPolioDay…

Twitter Web App : Even with his busy schedule, Dr. Fauci took the time to sit down with me (AGAIN) and talk about what we’ve gotten right and what we’ve gotten wrong. Let’s continue to be positive! #StateOfInspiration

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Twitter Web App : I’ve been working for some time on a book about what we need to do over the next decade to avoid a climate disaster. I’m excited that it will be published on February 16.

Twitter Web App : It’s inspiring to see so much passion these days for dealing with climate change, and to know that the world has set some ambitious goals for solving it. What we need now are practical plans to reach those goals.

Twitter Web App : India’s research and manufacturing capacity are critical for fighting COVID-19. Thank you Narendra Modi for speaking at today’s Grand Challenges meeting. PMO India…

Twitter Web App : Europe has an opportunity to get its economy back on track in a way that creates good jobs and reinforces its global climate leadership. Here are 55 ideas on how Europe can develop and scale up the innovative technologies we'll need to reach net-zero.

Twitter Web App : The COVID-19 pandemic has set back efforts to end poverty, hunger, and malnutrition. Investing in CGIAR will speed the recovery by helping farmers adapt to climate change and rebuild food systems after the pandemic (via @Nature).

Twitter Web App : .Stephen Curry’s work in the community is as inspiring as his amazing record on the basketball court. I really appreciated the thoughtful conversation.…

Twitter Web App : Dr. Tunji Funsho’s work with Rotary International was essential in stopping wild polio in Africa and will help create a polio-free world for all. A well-deserved recognition.…

Twitter Web App : This honor is well deserved. COVID-19 is not just a health crisis—it is also now a food crisis, and World Food Programme is there to respond. I’m inspired by the thousands of people in the organization who have committed their lives to fighting hunger.

Twitter Web App : For the last 25 years, Dr. Firdausi Qadri, an immunologist and infectious disease researcher in Bangladesh, has been working to protect entire communities from cholera epidemics.

Twitter Web App : I’m excited to see this kind of innovation. Detecting and predicting outbreaks earlier is critical to preventing epidemics.

Twitter Web App : The only way to eliminate the threat of COVID-19 somewhere is to eliminate it everywhere. By making sure poor countries are equipped to stop this disease, wealthy countries will help themselves and bring this crisis to an end sooner.

Twitter Web App : Understanding this concept can help us measure our progress toward eliminating carbon emissions and serve as a guide to action.

Twitter Web App : Developing and manufacturing vaccines won’t end the pandemic quickly unless we also deliver them equitably. Here is why it’s critical that vaccines are distributed in proportion to the global population:

Twitter Web App : Great to see the UK commit vital funding to ensure COVID-19 vaccines are available for the world’s poorest people. PM Boris Johnson's plan will improve the way we prepare for future crises like this.

Twitter Web App : What do COVID-19 and malaria have to do with each other?

When COVID-19 struck, it disrupted the entire global health care system—including the fight against malaria.

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Twitter Web App : After 20 years of stunning advances toward global goals to improve health and reduce poverty, the COVID-19 pandemic stopped progress in its tracks. In our foundation’s Goalkeepers report, we survey the damage and discuss how to start reversing it.