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iPhone : REJECTED.

Dallas City Council overwhelmingly rejected just running the numbers to see what an 8-percent property tax increase would look like.…

iPhone : HOLY SHIT. Per Brian Sims, in PAs state legislature, GOP leadership HID the fact that a Republican tested positive for COVID and yet still interacted with Democratic members, who then went back home to their families, likely exposing their loved ones. And the Republicans KNEW.

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iPhone : If I’m being honest, I’m all for mass-scale nationwide looting & protests - it’s the only thing that seems to get through to the craven racists in power. For how long must we live in a society where hatred is swept under the rug before we collectively stand up?

iPhone : Twitter fact checks two of his tweets after more than a decade of spewing racism, insanity and bullying and he threatens to shut down social media. Two tweets. If you don’t think this guy would be the most brutal dictator ever, you’re not paying attention. Donald J. Trump

iPhone : #BREAKING: After a 90-minute debate, Dallas City Council REJECTS asking the county to calculate what an 8-percent increase in property taxes would look like. 11 members opposed it, 3 supported it. When council considers tax rate this summer, at most it will increase is 3.5%.

iPhone : UnitedHealths response to record earnings? Cutting doctors and nurses from their network, putting profits before patients and providers.

It’s flat out wrong for the worlds largest insurance company to pass costs on to families in the middle of a pandemic—I want answers.

iPhone : Ivanka Trump was arrested THREE SEPARATE TIMES for shoplifting from the Bath & Body Works at 44th and Lex. Twice in 1997 (Lilac Candle, Beach Bliss Hand Soap) and again in 2004 (unidentified gel). Surveillance video? Why yes... in Jared Kushner's possession. #SmellsLikeIvanka

iPhone : This is what happened when a malignant narcissist is cornered and held accountable for the first time ever.

Twitter fact checked him once and he’s ranting about regulation and executive orders.

Think how many lives could have been spared if he took COVID-19 that seriously.