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Android : Obviously Trump cant legally shut Twittter down because they pissed him off, but he also cant do it for personal political reasons.

He uses Twittter as one of his most vital tools is redirecting the media and controlling the narrative.

Hes bluffing.

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Android : Trump signed his executive threat.

Now he will expect the DOJ to back up his threats while pressuring Senate republicans to make a law that he can punish social media outlets.

Good luck getting any of that through the house, Donald.…

Android : So he's going to use Bill Barr and the DOJ to police social media from censoring his misinformation. Probably all far right propaganda and white nationalists will also get protection.…

Android : The Mayor of Minneapolis,
Jacob Frey, gave the passionate speech that he needed to deliver to the hurt and angry black community in his city.

He is telling them, their feelings are not only understandable, they are right.

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Android : PELOSI:
I think that Mark Zuckerbergs statement was a disgrace.…

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Android : Mark Zuckerberg calls it dangerous to decide what is true.

Says that politicians should be able to get there lie out there and its really up to people to decide what is true and what isnt.

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Android : Chris Rock:
I dont know whats going on, I thought I lived in the United States, I thought I lived in a country, and now I realize that we have 50 countries. Right now were in the country of New York.

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Android : Wait what? The virus really came here mostly from Europe?

Yep, 3 million people from Europe to NYC from Jan. to March. And thats JUST NYC.

This virus came to the United States from a number of different places. Stopping travel from China was pretty much pointless.

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