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iPhone : ➡️This LEGAL immigrant has a lesson for those who do not appreciate the freedoms offered by our country.

💥She gives wonderful advice to THOSE who "feel" oppressed in OUR country.…

iPhone : CNN's Don Lemon Says We Can 'Fix' Mount Rushmore By Adding Obama’s Face

WTF! Name me one thing that Piece of Sh!t did right? Trump did M.A.G.A.! The only face they’re going to be adding to that hunk of rock is Trump’s! #Trump2020LandslideVictory…

iPhone : "To Those Who Cheer Against Hydroxychloroquine - I Regret to Inform You I Am Doing Well" - Brazilian President Bolsonaro Announces (VIDEO)

WTF! I guess Fauci & the D’rats really hate this? Trump proven totally right, AGAIN! #Trump2020LandslideVictory…

iPhone : Instead of defunding the police we should give the police a raise.

Putting their lives on the line and dealing with lefty communist 24/7, police are truly our undone hero’s.

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iPhone : Alexander Vindman is a traitor to the United States and should not be allowed to retire until fully investigated by a Military Tribunal for crimes against the President and violations of the UCMJ. This man lied for Adam Schiff and others to assist in a failed coup.