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iPhone : So the GOP playbook is dig their heels in and follow Trump to the depths of hell.

Here’s yet another Trump sycophant who is saying that America should kill its own citizens.

So tell me what’s the difference between Trump and Hitler??…

iPhone : PeterSweden When I was young my brother and our friends would run around with cap guns playing cops and robbers and I'm still alive. Tamir Rice a 12yo black kid is dead for playing with a toy gun. THAT IS WHITE PRIVILEGE

iPhone : Racism is so wild that it inspires 63 million people to vote for an incompetent, corrupt vulgarian & believe that somehow he will be able to make them feel great again.
Studies show it was primarily, not exclusively, "racial anxiety" & not "economic anxiety" that drove his base.

iPhone : You know how the NFL can show it cares about racism, police brutality & black people. One team, just one, can hire Kaepernick and put him on the team roster. You're telling me he can't be a quality backup QB? If so, you don't know football or you're just blatantly biased.

iPhone : It is essential to understand what Tom Cotton is proposing. He wants battle hardened active duty US Army combat divisions deployed against the American people with shoot to kill orders. It is immoral, illegal and would obliterate the legitimacy of US values. There is no war…

iPhone : β€œYou have to be willing to say, β€˜here I stand and you will go no further, because I have moral authority in what I’m doing.’” - Mary Frances Berry on the power of protesting for change.

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iPhone : U.S. cities are on fire, and there is increasing evidence that it is because white nationalist and anarchist groups are descending on the legitimate protests over the killing of black people by police, the latest victim being George Floyd, but the number being too many to name.