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Twitter Web App : Keith Frankish The choice is more an agreed best time arrangement as u may have 2 wait 4 others 2 return in order 4 them 2 return in order 4 the desired combo 2 occur. There is choice but it's more 'impelled agreement' is my understanding so far. And Soul Mates can be friends, family or lovers

Twitter Web App : Ivor Cummins RosaSorribas© Here's the translated page, but you might have to do some fast clicking to get it to load before it cancels it due to it being animated. Took me a few goes & diff targets.…

Twitter Web App : The Telegraph Fair dinkum.

Show me the tests / data showing the virus is floating around in the air, and also sticks to u when you're moving, esp in an open space, and esp after a second or two.

Data please.

Twitter Web App : Chief Health Officer, Victoria Not as an important as a truly open discussion about that aspect though.

Why wd any1 want a vax for a 99.7% recoverable condition, where symptoms have bn shown ( yes data ) to improve with nutritional attention, & non vax Tx protocols shown to work well globally ?

Twitter Web App : Islam Hany Prof Francois Balloux Informed communities are not 'desperate' for a vaccine.

It's a 99.7% recovery rate, symptoms shown to mitigate with nutritional attention, non vax treatment protocols shown to work well globally ( HCQ / Ivermectin / other ), many pops already high T cell immunity etc etc

Twitter Web App : Prof Francois Balloux "...healthy 'uninformed about the full range of things that can go wrong from a vaccine' volunteers" you mean, let alone from experimentals.

The majority of ppl ignorant of neg potentials.

Outcomes also therefore can't be ascribed to 'unhealthy' cohorts.

Twitter Web App : Jenny Pete_of_the swamp Virginia Trioli Likely won't make any diff as global data showing virus will stop when HI for this pop reaches 10-20% antibody levels, plus cross reactivity / T cell immunity large enuff, regardless of lockdowns, masks. That's what viruses do. If not hotel wd've bn something else