One Angry Cranky Pissed Off Boomer Bob (@BobA1959 )

One Angry Cranky Pissed Off Boomer Bob

Bio My politics is mine alone. I speak my mind. I’m a moderate backup is @bob2a1959nyc GO YANKEES #IAmBob #Biden2020 opinions are my own
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Twitter Web App : #BillBarr, you fat, poisonous toad, we know you stand for nothing, not justice, not law, but now youre ordering the attack pf peaceful #protesters? Who do you think you are? Well see what happens to you, immoral, indecent, corrupt monster, when we vote out your boss & master.

Android : JT Lewis Didnt see you post a list of all the Healthcare workers who died of covid 19. We all went to work every day knowing the risks even when we didnt have all of the PPE that was needed. Some jobs have risks.

iPhone : The murder of George Floyd should have been a moment of self-reflection for the police in the United States. The exact opposite has happened. The police have gotten even more violent.

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Twitter Web App : Can we get a We Told You So T-shirt?…

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iPhone : Great guy! If there were more #RahulDubey and fewer #DonaldTrump in our country, we would be in much less of a mess. Hey, in case you didn’t know Donald J. Trump is NOT a #StableGenius. In fact, he is #UnfitToBePresident #TrumpDeathToll106K…

iPhone : “suck my dick and choke on it” 😭😭

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Twitter Web App : Ms. Krassenstein This ad just came out. It will make his head explode so please dont retweet..

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Healthcare exec, RN #GeorgeFloyd #Justice4Breonna #Justice4Ahmaud #KidsInCages #BlueWave2020 #TheResistance #TrumpGenocide NO solic/porn/DMs-happily married

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump Tim Scott Your ass must be jealous of the amount of shit that comes out of your mouth.
Get your fuck trump shirts like these below and more by clicking the link and proudly display your detest for the wannabe dictator occupying the White House illegitimately.…

Twitter Web App : Trump, with Putins guidance, will do anything to stay in power … there are no limits.…

Twitter Web App : “Daddy changed the world.”
~6 year-old Gianna Floyd about her father, #GeorgeFloyd. 🖤


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Twitter Web App : The sheer audacity of the numbers!
2,400 workers at Brazilian meat packing plants infected with #Coronavirus… via The Poultry Site