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iPhone : Joe and Jill was giving me some Regina King sister Knight energy today! Coming to rid our country of the evil orange monster occupying our White House 😂😂 #TeamJoe

iPhone : Thank you Brittney Cooper on MSNBC right now being asked about black and Latinos deaths while fighting back tears had it on your heart to not let the huge numbers of Native deaths be ignored ❤️❤️ Pilamaya sister!!

iPhone : I am loving this trend on Trump. Way to go guys!! He is definitely no man good job calling him out #MostUnmanlyPresident ❤️it 😂😂 twitter.com/joltedtoad/sta…

iPhone : Donald Trump - a vain, cowardly, lying, vulgar, jabbering blowhard - is not a real "man" your father and grandfather would have respected. Nor should any man, but as I write in The Atlantic: especially not the ones who claim to support him the most.