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iPhone : My cousin was married to a guy for FIVE YEARS and there are fewer pictures of them together than there are of Ghiz and Don…

iPhone : @Lin_Manuely kids have a question. #Happy4thofJuly

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iPhone : Hazel ♡ Bryson Gray Wanna know a secret? Your ability to have an abortion only affects the mom. No one else. It's that simple. Not wearing a mask during a pandemic potentially affects everyone you come into contact with. Wear a mask and shut the fuck up.

iPhone : I have about $13,000 in legal costs already thanks to Devin Nunes. I’m not done with him and will handle that soon. But in the meantime, the cow and mom need to raise $40,000. They have raised $4,000. Even if you can’t chip in please consider retweeting. Let’s knock this out!…