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Android : The medical issue Boris didnt want to discuss - Cummings' son is autistic, meaning he must be left with familiar adults otherwise it will cause him distress.

None of this is anyone’s business. They should back the F*OFF and leave a Dad to do what's best for his vulnerable son.

Android : I retweeted this yesterday and it should be retweeted again. His actions do not warrant the call for resigning, the call is the braying of the woke msm lefties, hoping on hope to remove a stalwart Brexiteer and force a further transition period. Move on moaners.…

Android : Dear MSM scum. You took your best shot and failed. Now prepare for an almighty backlash. We hate and despise you. You have utterly ruined your profession. We no longer need you, we can do our own research and make up our own minds, and our leader speaks directly to us.

Android : Dear me. Tweet seems to have disappeared. It is now time to clear out the rot in Whitehall. Let them understand the meaning of (dis)loyalty.…

Android : I do not want to live in a country where an anonymous source can make an allegation, provide no evidence at all, but the person still loses their job. I wouldn't wish that on a politician of any party, or indeed anybody in any job. Neither should you.

Android : The medical issues Boris didnt want to discuss is that Cunmings' child has autism, meaning he must be left with familiar adults otherwise it will cause him distress

None of this is MSMs business though & they should back the fuck off & leave a Dad to so what's best for his son

Android : No adherence to #SocialDistancing rules by the hypocritical #FakeNews media as they ambush Dominic Cummings at his family home.

This is a Witch Hunt, plain and simple.

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Android : πŸ‘‡It doesn't matter who you are, on which side of the political divide you are, this is a direct threat to YOUR democracy.

If you have any sense you will demand that the Civil Service PUBLICLY roll some top heads - AND TONIGHT.…