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Bio Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles. MC/Producer/Artist Instagram @bumpknuckles77 #PoPDuKe For Bookings
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iPhone : Whether it’s music, fashion, politics, culture or anything else you could think of in life, weigh it out for yourself. You can listen to other opinions and learn from other experiences but always make your own decisions. #PoPDuKe

iPhone : I know a lot of people who followed other people right off the edge of the cliff. Trying to be who someone else wanted them to be. FOH #PoPDuKe

iPhone : Black Trump supporter tried to convince me that I should like trump. 🤔 He doesn’t even know why he likes Trump. Stupid ass. FOH #IHatePolitics #ThinkForYourself #PoPDuKe

iPhone : There are so many lies being perpetuated though social media that if you don’t have half a brain to think for yourself, you will become a full blown sock puppet. #PoPDuKe

iPhone : The working class always gets screwed no matter how you slice it. Rich want to pay less and take more while poor or working class people get shitted on. Either way you vote (which I think you should) make your own decisions. #PoPDuKe

iPhone : Deleting contacts is one of the best ways to free yourself from unwanted weight. Then go eat some apple pie after. 😂 #PoPDuKe

iPhone : I remember when I dropped Industry Shakedown, it was cats back then saying “no bump you are going to mess up the money.” Coon ass sellouts that are talking down on the industry BS now in 2020. So because they finally caught up it’s relevant? FOH #PoPDuKe

iPhone : People keep talking about “we need someone who can unite us.” I say unite with those that want to unite with you, cause no one can make those devils unite with who they hate and have hated for generations. Be your own person. 🖕🏾politics. #PoPDuKe

Instagram : HBD to the fam. My brother Ant-Live. #PaidInFull #DramaFamily #PoPDuKe…